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Newbies guide

A newbies guide to the world of domain names


We have been an official domain registrar since 2009 and active in the UK domain market since 2003 so we think we know a thing or two about domain names.

The internet continues to grow, develop and mature, it is now more competitive than ever before, so you need as many things on your side as possible to get the success you deserve.

Getting a Domain Name

If you are planning a website, or have one built already you need the best domain you can find for it.  There will shortly be 1,000’s of new domain types available in the market so the chances of finding a version of your preferred domain name are getting better.

What is a good domain

Here are some hints and tips to help with your selection process:-

  • Shorter is better as its easier and quicker to remember and type in
  • Keywords are good but avoid overdoing it.
  • Avoid hyphens if you can.
  • Try to find something catchy and memorable
  • The name needs to match your business, so “it does what it says on the tin”

What if the domain I have my heart set on is taken?

Use our whois service to identify the owner and contact them, you never know they be prepared to sell for a reasonable price.

Registering your domain

That is the easy bit!  We take orders online and accept payment, by Debit and Credit card.  You can also pay with paypal if you need.

If you prefer speaking to real people why not call our customer services centre we are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and our helpful friendly UK based team are always here to help with your selection.

Adrian Lawrence is a webmaster with Discount Domains a top UK domain registrar and web hosting company.