Monthly Archives: August 2014

Guest blogging another thing to avoid

Google has been gradually clamping down on guest blogging, at one time it was a great way of bring focused visitors to your site and at the same time picking up a few back links (links are the online equivalent of votes).  But those days are long over.  Google now detects if a blog is […]

.career domain launching 27th August

Are you involved with careers?  Career planning?  University selection, then a new domain name type out next week could be perfect for you.   It may well be the ideal choice for a school or Local authority careers service.  Or if you are a large recruiter such as a police form or arm of the […]

.fitness domain coming next week

We have another great domain coming to market next week .fitness this is perfect if you are a gym owner, fitness trainer or fitness coach.  In fact its ideal for anyone in involved in the fitness industry or who wants to promote a better healthier lifestyle. We are selling .fitness domains for £29.99 plus VAT […]

.tax domain launching today

If you are in finance or accountancy then an ideal domain type is going live today, .tax is perfect if you are offering advice or financial planning, then this type of domain can be a great way of creating a meaningful brand which is both short and does what it says on the tin. We […]

Using Google Analytics

A great tool provided free by Google, well free in exchange for access to all your data (!) is Google Analytics, if you are not already using it then we thoroughly recommend that you install it, it shows you the source of your traffic, how many visitors you get, which page they visit and for […]

Shrewsbury web and app developers

A number of our team are from Shrewsbury and drive to Telford each day, so its not unreasonable to claim that we are a shrewsbury orientated web design and app development service.   Our team is currently 2 in house guys and 4 outsourced workers.  We keep everyone busy which is great. The intention is to […]

West Midlands App Developers

Although you would have thought that being an internet based company would mean that we get work from all over the world surprisingly a lot of customers still prefer to deal with local companies, I guess its down to being able to come over to our office and sit down with the team and work […]

Business VOIP save money and increase flexibility

Have you looked at Business VOIP recently?  The concept is the same as what you might be used to with SKYPE but the quality is far better, as its a paid for service, you get far more dedicated bandwidth and professional handsets.  Basically now broadband is on average pretty fast now then the quality is […]