Ahrefs is a really great SEO tool!

It is a commonly known fact that in order to appear among the top results of a search engine, content of a blog or website must be rich in keywords. Keywords however, are not the only parameter based on which SERPs are determined. There are several other factors and only by using SEO tools can the task of monitoring all these factors become easy.

SEO tools offer numerous advantages, common ones being increased visibility and easy inclusion of apt keywords.www.ahrefs.com is a website that offers worthwhile SEO tools, which ensure innumerable benefits alongside customized reports to develop one’s blog/website. Undoubtedly, our clients demand and deserve the best, and with this SEO tool we are able to deliver the best content enriched with suitable keywords. This eventually leads to increase in page ranks and hits, both of which are also monitored using this package.

The number of hits a post will get cannot be determined until Ahrefs tools are employed, as doing so provides insight on how to develop useful content which possess the potential of increasing traffic and being shared. Ahrefs is a package which allows us to comprehend content effectively. By monitoring content posted by our clients as well as their competitors, we are able to offer marketing advice, thus enhancing quality of posts.

Through Ahrefs, we obtain data which when utilized create astounding results, and we assist in this task in several ways. One of the best ways of learning how to improve content is to observe content posted by competitors along with any feedback it receives through search engines and social media platforms. By understanding which keywords generate traffic we generate content targeting similar keywords. Moreover, reviewing content being shared through social media assists in analysis and development of new ideas for creating new posts, which attract traffic. In simplest terms, Ahrefs is a great tool owing to its features, including site explorer, positions explorer, positions tracker, content explorer and crawl report.

Crawl report

Crawl report acts like a search engine, and offers performance reports, after analyzing a client’s website just like search engine robots. Performance time reveals time taken to crawl a website, and when it takes too long, on site speed needs to be improved because it is an important factor for SERPs.

Moreover, client and server errors for a website can also be monitored, thus, allowing us to fix broken links conveniently. Users and search engines avoid websites that perform poorly due to multiple error codes and missing pages. Thus, removing such errors or fixing them immediately, prevents any negative SEO impact on a website. Additionally, it also allows reviewing of the entire contents of a website in a single glance, therefore, finding multiple H1 tags, missing meta descriptions, duplicate titles and other on-page SEO details, which can be fixed immediately. Also available are several export and filter options which make this feature extremely useful.

Rank tracker

This feature assists in tracking target keywords and also displays performance of a particular keyword, over a certain period of time. These reports can be obtained on a daily or weekly basis, effectively saving time that would have previously been spent on creating monthly reports manually. Furthermore, we are able to track ranking of a website, in different regions of the world, country wise, and also generate traffic reports of mobile and desktop usage. The mobile/desktop split is quite useful as mobile activity has significantly increased and comprises a major part of traffic.

Site explorer


This tool offers in-depth understanding of backlinks and top contents of a website. We obtain detailed information about referring domains, number of backlinks and domain ranks at a glance. This dashboard, thus allows one to immediately analyze the gradual growth of backlinks for competitor websites. Consequently, we obtain other detailed information including types and number of backlinks, domain and URL rating, top 5 posts on the basis of shares and links. Additionally, we also monitor link growth velocity which increases by linking unique posts and domains. In fact, monitoring organic traffic on websites and its growth rate is also made easier with this highly beneficial tool.

By reviewing a competitor’s top pages, information of social media metrics or number of backlinks for each of these pages can also be obtained. This provides better understanding on how to modify content and links for our clients’ websites, and assists in drawing inspiration to enhance its performance. With the Anchors tab, a tabular breakdown of domains, backlinks, and percentage for every anchor is offered. Anchors are filtered based on the number of words and with each anchor a list of referring domains is made available.


Positions explorer

It is one of Ahrefs other useful features with which a detailed information of a domain’s organic keywords and its ranking can be obtained. Actually, information of a domain including its top competitors, content, pages and gradual growth in keywords and ranking is obtained by entering a domain name into the search bar. Brainstorming keyword ideas for client’s websites becomes significantly convenient thanks to said tool. Also obtained, are an approximate number of the organic keywords present (that enhance a domain’s ranking) and monthly reports of traffic generated through these keywords. Through content explorer it becomes easy to create a list of reliable targets for link building.

Ahrefs transforms services

By availing our SEO services, clients derive numerous benefits because we utilize Ahrefs and LinkResearchTools for conducting daily and weekly analysis. By employing this tool boasting advanced features we are able to determine the extent to which a strategy is effective, and how it has boosted business for a client’s website. Not only does Ahrefs offers its own index of links but also provides quick analysis and easy to interpret graphical representation of data. Above all, it is well-laid out and intuitive, thus every piece of information is linked to more information. Obtaining an in-depth analysis of a website’s details has been made convenient, therefore allowing us to comprehend data and use it accordingly.

Truth be told, our services have improved manifold since entrusting the stupendous tools afforded by Ahrefs. Now, we proudly recommend Ahrefs and our services to create a win-win situation for every party involved.