Benefits of 10 Year Domain Registration

Domain names are popular these days. They are becoming the trendsetters.  Domain name is nothing but the web address which helps the browsers in reaching a particular website on the internet. It represents the brand of the particular website.

Domain name is the first step in brand management using internet services. It has an important role in developing the company’s brand name, diverting the traffic to the website, creating good impressions in the minds of the customer regarding the website, maintaining the site rankings and so on.

Once you have decided the domain name, it’s the time for getting it registered. The registration of domain names can be done for the time period as per the company’s requirement and wish. It can be done for monthly, annually, two years or even a longer period.

The registration of domain names for longer period will be more beneficial than for a shorter duration. The various benefits of getting the domains registered for a long period of 10 years are as follows:

  • Avoiding frequent renewals: If the domains are registered for a shorter period of time, it has to be renewed after the expiry of that time period. This involves lot of time and effort to repeat the same procedure at the time of renewal. Long term registration can help the corporates to avoid the repetition of the procedure.
  • Saves forgetting: Another important benefit of long term registration of domain is that the chance of forgetting to get it renewed is the least. It is very natural to forget the renewal dates and this shall result in the expiry of the registration. The corporates will have to repeat the registration process again. This shall result in the loss of time and money for the company which will not be desired at all.
  • No dependence on reminders for renewal: It is out of courtesy that some registrars send reminders for renewal through mails and messages. This is not a permanent feature. The registrars may stop sending reminders after a few times. This shall result in forgetting to renew the domain. However, registering the domain for a longer period relieves from the worry of renewal.
  • Google rewards longer registration periods as a sign of quality: Longer period of registration escalates the quality and reliability of the company. Registering the domain for a longer period ensures the existence and continuity of the company’s operations in the future. This assurance alleviates the goodwill and reputation of the company.
  • Protects against the future price rise: The price for registration of the domains keep changing time and then.If the registration is done for a shorter period of timethen the revised price has to be paid at the time of renewal or during fresh registrations that are done in future. To avoid such price hikes, it is always good to register the domains for a longer period of 10 years.
  • Attractive discounts: The long term registration of the domains brings in additional and nice discount. That too in case you are registering multitude of various domains which could be really costly, long term registration shall prove cost efficient for many years to come in the future. Certain registrars may also offer additional discounts for multi-domain registrations.
  • Long term registration makes the website more genuine and authentic: Long term registration is not only beneficial in terms of cost and convenience but also in terms of functionality. According to SEO, all those domains that are registered for more period of time say 5 or 10 years are not likely to be considered as spam. They are believed to be more authentic and genuine.

When the companies make a long term investment in their products and services, it means they are more committed in their approach. They are interested in carrying their business forward and shall not change their domain abruptly if something goes wrong. Such a commitment increases the credibility of the company in the long run. They rule out the possibility of being a spam website which shall go on for a short period of time and close down when something goes wrong.

Thus, registration of domain for a period of 10 years with the belief that the business shall sustain for a long time is considered very promising for the search engines. This shall not only reduce the cost but also increase the traffic to the websites.

  • Period of registration distinguishes the legitimate sites from others: We can distinguish a legitimate website from an illegitimate one using certain signals. Usually valuable domains are paid in advance for several years whereas certain doorway domains are temporarily used for not more than a period of one or two years. The date of expiry of the registration also determines the legitimacy of the websites.
  • Less risk of losing the domains: Registration up to a period of 10 years reduces and sometimes wipes out the risk of losing the domain in the future. More recognition is available from the users and as a result the traffic to the website also increases considerably.
  • Always use an ICANN registrar: To reserve and register a domain, the registrant must always use an ICANN accredited registrars who are more genuine. This annihilates the chances of involvement of middlemen.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is an international, non- profit organisation that supervises the assignment of domain names and the IP addresses. They are responsible for managing the TLD name system management and the root server. They also have contractual agreements with both the registrars and registries providing good foundation for WHOIS system.

If we register the domain name with ICANN, firstly they check whether the domain name is available or not. Then a WHOIS record is created with all the relevant information of the registrant. One can also register the domains with the resellers of ICANN.


There are numerous benefits of registering the domain for 10 year period of time. Hence, go for it and increase the traffic to your legitimate website.


1.  ICANN the overview body for the domain industry

2. Nominet the UK Domain Registry

3. Discount Domains Domain Services