How about a .email domain?

.email domain is one of the most in things in the online fraternity across the globe. If you have not ventured in the territory for personal or professional use then the following content is just for you. Having an email domain can and have proved to be a turning point in many online businesses. Many believe that it is one of the best ways to woo the clients who can be contacted using only emails. We at Discount Domain believe that each online business should get all the possible tools for paving their ways to success. It will play a critical role in proving your authenticity and sincerity to the clients. Using free email services like gmail, hotmail and Yahoo mail may not turn many eyes towards your official mails. But an email domain bought by you and dedicated just for your organisation will speak a lot about your sincerity and dedication towards the business.

Plethora of domains to choose from!

Discount Domain is one of the leading registered email domain providers of UK. When you come to us for buying an email domain for either personal or professional use, you will not be limited to the regular .com and .in domains. You will get plethora of choices depending upon various characteristics of your business. We have a launched lot of new email domains which will suit perfectly to you and to your business. For example the .email domain can represent your country or your organisation type or any other thing that you may want to convey to your clients. For example .fr tells that your company is from France while .ca and .uk tells that you are from Canada and United Kingdom respectively. Apart from that domain like .net, .org, .gov etc speaks about the kind of institution you are working in.

Having a .email domain not only helps the owner but it is beneficial also for the clients to whom the email has been sent. It becomes quite easy to make out which email is a spam and which are the genuine mails sent by the company. For example if you get a .net email from eBay then you can quickly make out that it is a spam mail as email domain of eBay is .com. When you receive too good to be true mails from any company, before opening any links make sure you confirm the email domain of the company online. This means clients appreciate the companies who have private email domain as chances of fraud and spam reduces by many folds.

Use .email domains as a dedicated email address!

dedicated-emailWhen you are mailing your client using your personalised email domain, this means you are creating a personalised relationship with the client. The email address will speak a lot about you, your company and your motive for creating the contact. When you buy a email domain from any company make sure the company lets you create multiple email addresses using the same domain. For example you can create info@, sales@ and feedback@ email addresses using the same domain. This adds to the convenience of both the company and the client. Communication becomes lot simpler and faster. Apart from that a dedicated email address on a personalised email domain will help the client to recognise you and your company just by looking at the mail notification. It usually creates a good rapport with the client as it sends the message of no non sense in the business. If you have still not created a dedicated email address on a personalised email domain, then seize the opportunity and register email domain of your wish on Discount Domain.

Email domains are useful for both business and private use!

.email domain is a boon for any business organisation. It can help them to sort and organise many client related issues. Many business houses believe that their communication with the client has improved a lot after they have got registered an email domain for them. Since email domain is speaking directly about the company, it can become a good tool of advertisement. Clients will remember you company just by looking at the domain. Especially when your business is more dependent on email communication then a personalised email domain can help you in creating a very good first impression on the client. A domain name can work wonders for you even when you don’t have a website. You can easily promote your company using domain name and in the mean time you can prepare to get a good website designed for the company.

Many writers, artists and other professionals use domain names for their personal use too. They too use it to promote their work on internet and also in front of various agencies that can help them in expanding. Just as a pen name is identity of any writer, the email domain becomes the identity of the professional.

Easy availability is our USP!


Easy availability of the desired email domain is our USP at Discount Domain. There is high chance of you getting the exact domain as you desired. Even if it includes your first name or the surname, you can easily get it when you register an .email domain at Discount Domain. Many clients have appreciated our services in the past just because they didn’t need to give too many alternatives email domain name choices. They got whatever they wanted in the first or the second go.

Even if your name choice is not available in one particular domain, there is plethora of versions available at Discount Domain. The name choice will be definitely available in any other versions of the .email domain. Clients whom business majorly depended on emails also got personal domains carved especially for them. Unavailability of the desired domain names and compromise with a secondary domain name is no more a problem. Discount domain is committed to deliver nothing less than the best to its clients. Domain name registered by us will definitely scream success for you and your business.


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