Is there or isn’t there a Penguin update?

Google has been preparing the ground this week for the next Penguin update, its a little unclear exactly when it will arrive, at one stage it was expected “Any day now” but now this has become before the end of the year.  We’ve been working hard at clearing out weak and toxic links to our site and therefore have our fingers crossed that the hard work will be rewarded.

The forums such as webmasterworld are full of reports that something is happening but given the public announcements from Big G on the dates we are not certain if these reports are redherrings, it could be testing before the launch, which we have seen before.

It will be great if Penguin changes to be more like the Panda filter which runs each month, that way webmasters will be able to see the rewards of their efforts on a much more regular basis, it does seem to be way Google are going.  Fingers crossed for that too!

If you are not sure what exactly Google Penguin is, then watch this video from their head of web spam