Should I buy one of these new .uk domains

Customer are calling asking this every day at the moment and the simply answer is of course yes.  Like all domain types the issue with .uk’s is someone else may end up with the domain that matches most closely your own.  For that reason alone its worth grabbing it.

We sell the .uk domains for the same great prices as the ones ie £9.99 for 2 years or £42.50 for 10 years plus VAT.  If you have the version of a domain already then the new .uk version will automatically have been reserved for you.

Our website is set up to order freely available .uk ones but for customers with pre-emption rights will need to ring up and order over the telephone.  We will be added the ability to order via your login area but that is not yet up and running.

Any questions about the benefits / merits of a .uk call through and our Telford or London call centres will be more than happy to help