Should I link my domains together to help my Google Rankings?

Well its a question that does get asked by customers from time to time. ¬†Watch the following video from Google’s Matt Cutts (one of their engineers) and get advice direct from the horses mouth!

Our view is that you should only link sites together for the following reasons:-

  • The content matches so themes are the same
  • You want to refer your visitors to useful on topic information
  • You are not making any secret about your ownership of the other site in anyway

So basically if the link seems natural then its fine, if your primary motivation is to get better search results then don’t do it.

Discount Domains has its own in house team of search marketing experts that follow as closely as possible the guidance given by Google if you want to take advantage of our “white hat” search marketing expertise then call today for a chat and find out about how we can help your business on a monthly basis call our main number now 01952 898701 and ask for the Search Marketing Team.