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What is the .pw domain name?

The .pw domain type (The Professional Web) is a domain that was first released to the general public in 2013 to be displayed by and used as a domain for professionals who wanted to be showcased as business professionals as well as professional organisations such as successful businesses aswell. In any case a .pw domain gives you the ability to show everybody that you are a serious and hard-hitting professional at what you do and want to be taken very seriously.

Who would this domain be suited for?

Obviously there are several different conceptions of the meaning of a professional person, as our definitions vary greatly based on our own personal opinion. This is not the way that it should be but it is ultimately how we feel about such matters, as one mans professional is another mans unprofessional person. However, I would not suggest that these prejudices are worth thinking about and your choice on getting a .pw domain is whether or not you would consider yourself a professional in whatever field that you are involved with.

Professionals come in many shapes and forms, as to profess at something are to do it extremely efficiently. You could have a health and safety professional as much as you could have a professional footballer, both at a very high level in both of their respective fields; the only difference is that others may put varying levels of importance or merit on this professionalism.

I would personally say that other roles in which a .pw domain name would be perfect would be for lawyers, engineers or general higher end businesspeople with the drive to achieve their goals and live up to the domain name that they intend on purchasing. Furthermore, organisations, businesses and groups of people could also be deemed to be professional in general rather than one particular individual, and so it is for this reason that you should really get this domain name based on whether you feel that yourself or the organisation that you work for could be deemed as more professional or as professional as others in the industry who would be regarded thusly.

Every industry has and deserves a certain degree of professionalism and quality of service, and so if you think that your organisation has what itself to be recognised worldwide as a professional entity think about getting yourself a .pw domain today.

Why would I choose this over other domain types?

As you would probably expect the .pw domain is primarily purchased for the aforementioned reasons of looking and feeling professional rather than some alternative reason for getting this domain name. However, in addition as a relatively new domain type that isn't quite as generic as a .com means that you are far more likely to get a unique domain name rather than having to go through several domains that already exist in order to find the right .com.

For instance, you may be able to look at a domain such as rather than an unattractive .com such as Essentially it allows you to be more diverse and unique in your domain name choice rather than having to go with something that is substantially less desirable.

This domain type is also global and so you aren't tied down or limited by particular rules with regards to location-based domains, and instead you can choose your .pw domain and whether to get one of not based on your own presumptions about your own business and profession.

How do I go about purchasing a .pw domain?

Discount Domains is a registrar that has been a very active member of CentralNic since 2004 and you really don't need to look any further than us in terms of finding the correct domain name company. This is for several reasons, for instance:

If you want to pick up a pw domain with us simply use the search function shown below and find your perfect .pw domain. You can then simply call us on 020 3475 2777 to organise the purchase of this domain.

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