Have you thought about a .mobi domain name?

Have you thought about a .mobi domain name?

We ask our customers this question a lot at the moment, and the reason is simply, mobile devices are growing very rapidly and its forecast that within a couple of years, their number will exceed that of PC's and Macs.

It makes sense to target this type of market, if you have a business or personal website then it makes sense to target this sort of market place, and the perfect way to do that is to build a dedicated mobile site and publish it on a .mobi domain name.

Mobile visitors are growing

Take a look at the analytics from our own website, I remember when mobile traffic was only 3-4% now its nearly 33% of all visitors and its increasing each month.


We now recommend that all visitors building a professional website think about a mobile version of it, custom built to be perfect for the mobile environment, you can embed code which detects the type of browser a visitor uses and then direct them to the appropriate version of your website.

The .mobi domain is of preferred choice for mobile visitors.

If you need help or advice on the selection and purchase of a .mobi domain name call our team on 01952 288383 or visit our dedicated .mobi page as follows buy your .mobi domain here

Adrian Lawrence is the author of this article and is one of the webmasters at Discount Domains https://plus.google.com/u/0/106088322856862782725/posts

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