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Search Marketing

At Discount Domains we have an in house team of search marketing experts; our team will review your website and provide advice and guidance on how best to market your website.  We have a variety of specialist who can give guidance on all aspect of online marketing.  We have found that taking an overview of your website in a holistic way works the best for long term success.

We can analyse and improve the text and code of your website this can lead to many benefits.

Competitor Analysis

We study your competitors their page tax and which key phrases they target, how many pages they have, which sites link to them and if they are using Pay Per Click for marketing

On Site Factors

A number of factors on a websites pages are important to its performance, there are many at work, but some of the essential ones and those that we focus on are as follows:-

  • Text – Search Engines are text analysis systems, so it makes sense that your need to ensure your text is well written and at least contains the keywords you are trying to target,  often clients show us pages that make no mention of the phrases they wish to target, which is the starting point for a meaningful campaign.

    Since 2011 a big factor is now the uniqueness of your text and its quality, the search engines can now easily spot plagiarism and score pages according to how engaging they are to their visitors, using metrics such as time on page and bounce rate and readability levels.
  • Page load speed – Improving the speed of page load has been proven to improve the conversion rate of web pages, this makes sense as a slow page is likely to deter a percentage of visitors, whilst a fast loading page and responsive website is likely to hold the visitors attention.  The search engines such as Google are increasingly taking speed factors into account in their ranking algorithms.

    Faster pages mean less lost visitors which mean more conversions and more success for your website.
  • Technical factors – these are less important now than a few years ago, but still play a role, we review site navigation,  meta tags and attributes such as alt tag and url structures.

Link building

Building high quality links at the right rate and from the right sites is now more important than ever, the Search engines are really good now at spotting low quality, high volume stack high and sell cheap types of link building, which must be avoided, at Discount Domains we concentrate on helping you acquire quality links naturally and finding high quality places to list and link out to your site.

We concentrate on finding authority sites in your niche and reverse engineering the cream of your competitors links to give you’re a strong and reputable back link profile of your own.  Link building is a long term process some would claim even an art, and it can take a considerable time to gradually acquire a strong profile to equal or better your competitors who may well have been working their own on link building campaigns for many years.


We use the popular Google Analytics product to produce monthly traffic data, together with our own in house tools, each month you can expect to receive a detailed report showing progress with traffic and a list of marketing activity undertaken that month.

Copywriting Services

Here at Discount Domains we have our own copywriters and a large team of professional authors who are able to take on writing assignments for websites of all sites and requirements.

Our team will create content suited to your website, and at the same time create content that we can use on quality third party sites such as blogs and news sites to promote your website in a professional and ethnical way.

We have years of experience in this area and a proven track record. Including sites with several million pages.

Over recent years we have focussed on producing high quality content, as we have found that more and more quality content is rewarded whilst lower quality content is excluded, it’s definitely the right approach for the long term future of search and is the current direction of travel of the leading search engines.

On Site Optimisation

Html validation – fixing up errors always helps to improve the perception of a sites quality.

Meta Tags – Getting your title, description, keyword and alt tags right is a factor, we can assist with improving and optimising.

Navigation – Getting your site navigation right is a key factor in keeping your visitors on your site and funnelling them to the pages which deliver your chosen outcomes, be it feedback forms, telephone enquiries or product sales.

Sitemaps – we can assist with both XML and traditional html sitemaps.

Social media – having a facebook like, Google + feature, twitter and other networks is a growing area, we can advise and assist in engaging these potentially valuable markets for you.

urls – having a sensible url structure with no unnecessary internal page duplication or canonical issues is important given the search engines current pre-occupation with duplicate content.

Web design – Often a professional web design can greatly improve the conversion of existing traffic significantly, talk with our web design team as we can help with both design and site usability.

Quality Link Building

In the current climate it is more important than ever to ensure that your back link profile properly reflect the quality of your business.

We can assist with creating a site that attracts natural links in its own right, so your site grows organically.

Our team is also good at helping to shed some of your weaker links which may now be counterproductive to your business, particular following Google’s ongoing Penguin updates.

Adding quality links from authority sites in your niche works wonders and can be summed up by the phrase “a rising tide lifts all ships”, we’ve found that when your site is linked to by quality sites in your area then your whole site starts to perform better, not to mention that this sort of link can bring focussed on topic visitors to your site, how are likely to be genuinely interested in your product or services, a double win for your business.

SEO Consultancy

We typically work with clients on monthly basis with a long term strategic objective, and the majority of our clients sub contract out all their Search marketing activities to us.

Sometimes clients need or prefer on-site training or one off consultancy work and we are happy to accommodate this where possible.

If you need an experience search professional to work on an assignment or to provide high level Search Marketing input, then we offer a bespoke consultancy service, call our sales team today and we can discuss options including daily or weekly rates.

We have also helped clients to setup up their own in house SEO teams, helped them get out of Search Engine penalties and advised on ways to improve monetisation and facilitated introductions to quality advertising networks.

Some of the areas we can add value with.

  • Monetising sites
  • On site optimisation
  • Quality link building programs
  • Improving page speed
  • Search Engine friendly web design
  • Addressing Search Engine Penalties
  • Site reviews

If any of these services are of interest then reach out to us using the following link, one of our sales team will then be in touch to discuss your requirements in detail.

Penalty Recovery

We also offer a recovery service if your site has been hit by either Google Panda or Google Penguin, then our experienced team can help you recover.

To learn more about this service visit our Penalty Recovery Section.

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