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Many new and well established businesses are looking for a professional website to market their businesses efficiently to a much larger audience than before. As the internet can reach out to people all over the globe, having a good website is essential to bringing in leads and turning extremely high profits, and so many will pay reasonable amounts of money to have a good site up and running. However, unless a site is optimised to increase the traffic it produces thousands of pounds of web design could go to waste and result in a minimal increase in traffic. Relying on good referrals from others is not the ideal option for an expanding business, and is more common in small localised companies that do not intend to grow.

At Discount Domains, we appreciated the desire of our customers to better themselves, and therefore offer a service that allows for marketing, company growth and increased site traffic whilst not spending an extortionate amount of money. We appreciate that a lot of our clients only have a certain monthly budget but still want to expand to bigger and better things, and so we can offer them this and more with our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services.

Search Engine Optimisation (also known as Search Marketing) is the process of increasing site traffic through the creation of content that targets specific key phrases for a particular market sector. This marketing is focused, relevant and can be extremely effective in bringing new customers and leads in if done correctly. There are two main aspects of Search Marketing that will be used to do this:

-link building, which is the creation of backlinks for referrals that give your website a good reputation within the market.

-Content writing; this involves the creation of unique articles designed to target the key phrases of your choosing that you think most customers would search for in engines such as Google and Bing (for example if somebody was to search for Hair Extensions in London to have their hair extensions implemented in the London area.

The content writing will usually target specific phrases to give a more focused audience, as there can be significant issues with the process of trying to target a more generic phrase unless the site is already extremely established. In other words, the reputation of the site overall will dictate the results it gets in search engines, and so it is extremely important to start with specific phrases when your site isn't established to build it up and gradually make it a powerhouse in your target area.

Our in-house team of professional and experienced creative writers all have an extremely high standard or written English, and can therefore very proficiently carry out the optimisation that you need. These writers do SEO for a number of different companies and topics, and so no task is too tall for us to help out with and no content is too hard to produce after some initial research. It may also be beneficial for you to give us an indication or rough idea about the content you want us to write for you, as research can take time and if we are not writing about the correct target topic it could be detrimental to the success of the content that we write.

Our Search Engine Optimisation team are more than proficient at avoiding penalties from the Panda and Penguin filters in the Google algorithm which can greatly affect your ranking if not adhered to. These two filters scan content on website and determine how much of it is unique and whether the backlinks are "toxic" or not. Toxic links are pretty much articles or written content that are duplicate and link back to your site, which is not good and incurs a penalty. Keeping on top of this is almost part of our service as we want you to get the most out of our SEO programmes and have every success in your exploits.

The content that we write can go in one of two places: on external sites to acquire the backlinks or on your site as "landing pages" to target key phrases and then lead the reader back to the home page of your site. For instance, an article written on "3D liposuction in Northwood" links back to one of our customers at the Tan and Beauty Salon as the top link, and this "landing page" (an article written by one of our creative writers) links back to their main site so that potential customers can view more information about 3D lipo and any other services that they may have. This in itself increases the traffic to their main site exponentially and increases their turnout of sales. This proves that SEO can be directly beneficial to you and your company.

Depending on how established your site and business is, SEO will start working in varied periods of time. For extremely specific phrases and established sites you should see results from our SEO in 3-6 months depending on the amount of content that we write per month. However, for newer sites looking to go into bigger markets we recommend that you look to run an SEO campaign for a minimum of 12 months, as we need to get enough content out there to give your site high notability and start achieving solid results. Although you may see results sooner we always want to be realistic and let you know how long it will take on average.

The recommended start-up SEO that we recommend for our clients is 10 hours a month for a 3 month campaign at £250 per month. This cost will include link building and content writing, and any research that we do for this writing will not be included in this 10 hours. However, it makes it far easier for us if you can explain a little about your chosen area to us as it gives us a better idea rather than having to do excessive amounts of research and potentially not getting the content right. You give as good as you get from our SEO, and so if you can give us a brief summing up of your area of trade it makes it very easy for us to produce top quality content at this price.

If you have an interest in our SEO services and would like to speak to one of our writers or our sales team about setting up a plan for yourself, you can call our main line on 01952 898 701. Alternatively you can submit an enquiry, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Also if you are looking for any domain names or web design work for a site revamp before starting your SEO we also have a web design team ready to optimise your site to be a perfect marketing tool and bring your company to another level in terms of profitability.

We anticipate your call and look forward to speaking to you in advance.

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