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What platforms do you provide for?

At Discount Domains we look to give our customers the very best in app development and part and parcel of doing this is being able to develop on as many platforms as we possibly can. We do primarily create apps on the more generic IOS and Android systems, but we are also very open to working with you if you want to create an app on a lesser known platform such as that of a Blackberry or even Windows Mobile app if that is something that you would be interested in. Although some very small companies generally stick with what they can afford with the IOS and Android to get more exposure being able to give your customers a service on every platform allows them to relate to you more as well as appreciate what you are doing for them in allowing everybody to use your services rather than a select few.

We would always recommend that you have an app built, developed and used for IOS and Android devices as these take up at least 90% of the market and are therefore going to give you the most exposure with regards to reaching out to your target audience, but we do not judge or discriminate about wanting these apps on other platforms as obviously there is still a market on other devices and being able to relay to all of your customers and target audience is the ideal situation that you want to be in.

You probably want to take your budget into account before deciding how many platforms that you want to be on and which of these platforms is most cost efficient for yourself, but obviously for some companies this isn't really a problem. For charities or large corporations that are happy to invest in the extra development this situation is perfect and therefore whether you are looking for multiple platforms or just the contemporary ones we are here for you and ready to create your app in whichever way that you see fit.

Our designers are fluent in the different forms of coding that are required for each platform and so our years of experience are more than enough to provide you with your perfect app across any device or platform that you desire. If you have any questions about this you can reach out to our in-house team and speak to a member of the app development team for a bit more information on the sorts of apps that we create and apps that we have had success with in the past on behalf of our customers.

Why do I need an app?

A lot of companies tend to think quite objectively when it comes to new innovations (apps in particular) as to whether they will need them or not and this is only natural since businesses naturally look to save as much money as they possibly can in order to be more successful, cost efficient and ultimately make more profit. These cost cuts could be in resources (both human and tangible) as well as many other areas in which saving money is the correct thing to do and ultimately leads them to becoming more successful.

However, in the case of an app this really couldn't be further from the truth. You may wonder what an app can do for your business and why it is so relevant, and there are several reasons why apps are such a major part of modern day society and why any business looking to grow cannot thrive without an app in place. They are just too important, and here are the reasons why:

-Apps are new, interesting and everywhere - Innovations such as new technologies, software's and products in general are always going to catch the eye of the public no matter what they are. In the modern day and age people want something that is fresh and that is not incredibly dated, just purely because keeping up with the times is regarded as professional.

Apps were first released and developed in around 2008 and already there are around 1.5 million apps in the Android store alone, which is ridiculous in comparison to the growth of other businesses and fields in that time. the industry would not have grown by that much in this short amount of time without a desire for these apps, and so developing an app automatically gives your target audience something new to be intrigued and drawn in by, regardless of whether it is monetised or not. It is an indirect route to increased sales and profits from general appreciation for your company and app.

-Matching or getting ahead of competitors - In any market your competition is always something that you will be considering no matter how much you suggest that they are irrelevant if you are a market leader. Whether you are much bigger than them, equal size or a lot smaller you will always be looking to get ahead of them or have a one-up on them in some sort of way, as well as staying relevant in the process by copying things that they do in order to offer the same service or a superior one.

Having an app is a prime example of how you can either stay relevant when compared to other businesses or even gets ahead of the curve if your app and idea is good enough. When a potential customer is analysing a couple of options for their provider one of the first things that they may think of is what assets or "things" this company has vs. others that gives them credibility. This could be something as trivial as good social media links or an active twitter feed, but mostly they are looking for an app that makes your service more convenient.

-An app can be extremely cost efficient and make it's money back very quickly - your app doesn't even need to be that popular or cost anything in the app store, although monetising is obviously the only option with some apps such as games or a singular app-focused service. However, for someone such as a taxi company making booking a taxi more convenient means that people are more likely to use you when booking purely out of time-saving and less hassle rather than caring about the cost. This should in turn increase sales and profits aswell.

What about templates used?

Some app companies or app services that you could use to create an app use dull and basic templates as a money-saver which may give you a cheaper app, but also will kill your chances at having any success with this app as templates are obviously matt and also compare to other apps and could be seen as cheap knock-offs or copycats. Essentially a dull template could leave your customers feeling underprivileged or feeling that your app isn't what they are looking for and moving onto something else. It is a very similar situation to those that use site builders for web design, as choosing from only around 20 layouts or base designs is not something that we would personally recommend to anybody as it bores your customer and gives you the lowest chance of success.

The alternative is using Discount Domains as your app developer as all of the work that we do on both apps and web design is 100% bespoke and takes your individual needs into account when looking to develop an app. So many app development companies and designers are willing to leave you with an app that isn't the perfect fit for you and doesn't suit what you are looking for as well as what the customer wants.

However, our in-house team of coders and designers are completely committed to providing you with a professional product that will never disappoint and will always give you exactly what you want and need with an app. With so many years of experience in the bespoke web design field as well as apps we work extremely hard to get the look and feel that you want and aren't satisfied until you are satisfied. Across all devices we can do various layouts, templates and colour schemes for you that will have you and your customers in awe at the professionalism and crispness of our work, and so don't be a stranger and contact us for a quote.

With a bespoke design your clients are far more likely to enjoy the experience of the app and recommend it to their friends' aswell if they feel that they have a need for it. Word of mouth is half the reason why certain products and entities become popular especially with the social media storm that is going through at the moment, and so posting to social media about a great app experience is going to reach out to several people and probably lead you to get a lot more downloads in the process.

If you have a particular concept or design in mind that you think suits your customers to the highest degree then allow the creative Discount Domains app designers and coders to take your idea and make it a reality through an eye for what you as a customer wants as well as what looks good and appealing to the customer in general. We do not take you for granted at all and only wish the best for our potential customers and target audience, and so you can rest assured that we have your ideas and vision in mind when we look to create your bespoke app.

Why Discount Domains?

We appreciate that there are a lot of different app development companies out there, most of which also offer a pretty reasonable service and will give you a satisfactory app, most of which vary on price greatly. We understand that other companies are going to give you a decent service and app at the end of it, but the question that we put to you is whether or not you should settle for a mediocre or "acceptable" product rather than looking for something that is really special?

We don't settle for second best at Discount Domains and suggest that you don't do the same either. Where other companies will merely see you as a source of income and a way in which they can better themselves and their own business the Discount Domains team is fully committed to giving our clients exactly what they need in terms of functionality, look and feel and desirability of an app. We aren't satisfied until the customer is fully happy with the app that we produce after tweaking it several times to make it look a lot better, and so rest assured that you are not going to be stuck with an app that doesn't suit your needs or what you think your target audience needs. We are with you every step of the way and so don't be afraid to let us know if you think something needs changing to make it a little bit better, no matter how trivial or small of a detail that it is.

Not only is our work bespoke and designed to give the customer precisely what they want I feel that we are extremely competitive on pricing aswell. Compared to some of the larger app development companies we charge a lot less and still manage to provide a premium service to our customers, which they ultimately appreciate greatly as for smaller businesses it is considerably harder to raise funding to use a larger app company than us, and yet they still want an excellent product that isn't a knock-off or a rushed version just because it is a lot cheaper. We are here to help and accommodate every little detail and desire that is associated with your app needs, so be sure to go through us if you are looking for an extremely cost efficient way to draw in new customers and further market your business.

The fact that we deliver and provide apps for all platforms is also something that you should bear in mind when considering an app from Discount Domains. Our extensive experience in the field means that building apps across all devices is an absolute breeze, and as our coders are fluent in most of the coding languages and can use this across any mobile device for an app you should definitely look to purchase one with us. We have all the components to create your perfect product, and so contact us when you can in order to receive the very best in app development services in Shropshire.

What are the prices like and how much customisation do I get for this price?

One of the things that you can be absolutely sure of when using Discount Domains for your app developer and web designer is that all of our work is 100% bespoke, and so you can be assured of a custom new design developed by one of our design team as well as having it professional coded and functioning to give you the edge over others in terms of your business exploits and success. Bespoke designs mean that your customers are much more entertained from the app that we produce which will encourage them to use your app more and recommend it to friends.

This in turn is the equivalent of a free referral and will seamlessly allow you to bring your business to new heights and increase your profits substantially. Where inexperienced designers using templates may provide you with an inferior product there is a much higher change of you achieving success if you decide to stick with Discount Domains where our web designers have had years of experience developing apps and can provide you with the exact product you need with a lot of consultation to acquire the right functionality that you need in order to achieve high sales and higher customer satisfaction.

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