Which TLD is right for my business?

A TLD (abbreviated from Top Level Domain) is a term given to domains that are currently available for registry through domain registrars from both across the UK and around the world. There are many types of domain out there ranging in popularity and usage, the most common of which are .co.uk and .com that have been around for several years. However, there are new domain types being released every week by the governing body of domain registry (ICANN). This company decides which domain types will be released and when, as well as setting the guideline as to how much they will cost to domain registries who sell them.

Top Level Domains massively vary in their popularity because of the varying levels of how generic they are, and how popular they were at the time of release as well as the obvious functionality purposes of the domain type. Domain types are primarily used to identify which field of trade a business is in and this used to be closely regulated for certain domains. For example, the .com domain is used globally by an incredible amount of organisations as it is a trendsetter for a domain type and many international businesses use it to target customers all over the world, but it used to be designed as a domain for commerce of businesses, but in recent years has just been used by everybody as restraints have loosened. Similarly, the .co.uk domain was originally used for UK based businesses, but now is used in other countries aswell to draw in trade more efficiently as the UK is considered a beacon of international trade by a lot of European countries, and therefore they feel that they will receive more traffic to their sites by going under the alias if a UK-based company.

The .co.uk and .com domains have been the most popular over the years as they are the most recognised in the world and therefore customers are very unlikely to type in the address bar wrong. However, as these domains have been around for well over 10 years the whole concept of using them is starting to die out. They are far too generic and all of the good domain names have been exhausted and taken up by companies who have been around for longer. As a result of this a longer domain name may be necessary to pick up a .co.uk, the problem with this being that it takes longer to type into the address bar and is easy to get wrong. Potential customers may therefore move swiftly onto another website for sheer convenience, leading to a reduced amount of sales and by extension profit.

More quirky and interesting domain names that are available to members of the public are coming out every week or so and are designed to give domain registrants a lot more freedom in the types of names that they can sign up for. For instance, one of the newer domains to come out recently is that of .pub. Although this may not seem like an absolute necessity as a domain name, the fact that there are much fewer pubs that businesses looking to sign up a domain means that more domains will be available for your purchasing needs. For instance, you would be able to have a domain such as "thegeorgeinn.pub", whereas any pub called The George Inn would not be able to pick up a good domain name through a .com or .co.uk as there are so many pubs with this name that you would need to be more specific with the address bar, usually by location (for example thegeorgeinnlincolnshire.com). Once again this domain is a mouthful and easy to make a mistake with, and so the far better option is to have a brand new domain type that gives you a lot more dexterity with what options that you have for your own domain address. Having a more recognisable domain will bear dividends with the customers that you want to draw in, getting you more traffic to your site and increasing your profits exponentially through having more people check out your pub and consider becoming a regular to it.

Another new TLD that was released recently and will grab the attention of your customers automatically is that of the .ninja domain. Although initially this might be seen as a bit of a joke and a novelty that does not give you any real benefit, these domain types are talked about a lot all over the world and the overall hype of having an interesting domain will often bring customers to you rather than steer them away. A lot of the general public get bored very quickly with mundane domains that they will see every day of their lives, and so giving them a little variety is likely to make them trust you far more through something as simple as the laughter they may exert when first looking over a .ninja domain. Energising your customers is of great importance in any market and a .ninja domain will certainly give them something to be interested in and consider.

The underlying question in all of this is which domain is right and appropriate for you. Put simply it is really up to what you think is right, but make sure you consider every possible option and perhaps poll from customers what they think is the most fun or most likely to bring them back for repeat purchases. Being able to relate with their provider is such an important factor for consumers, and this is why you will often see businesses such as hair salons seeing regular customers who are loyal, as they will remember a face and recognise friendliness as well as a good service. If you can harness this happy face to show to your customers and give them a reason to keep coming back to you they will do and you will soon see a vast customer base of people that you may have never even considered potential customers before. The customer is always right, and so honing in on their opinions and their needs is all you need to be successful in your exploits, so be sure to have the client in mind when making your decision. Some will prefer regular domains such as .com purely for the fact that it is what they are used to, but with a more youthful customer base that is more open to innovation and entertainment they may see more merit in a fun domain that gives them a reason to come back time and time again. Therefore, there is no real answer as to which domain is right for you and it is up to you to spool through them all and make the appropriate decision for yourself.

If you are interested in purchasing any TLD that is available through our registry, Discount Domains are here to help you out. We are a friendly bunch who thrive on giving our customers exactly what they need from us in terms of the correct domain for their needs, and so be sure to have a discussion with us about it if you are still unsure of the right course of action. Our main line is 01952 898701, and our customer services team would be glad to help you with any queries you may have. Additionally, you can submit an enquiry if you would like us to get back to you, or email if you prefer using emails. We also offer other services such as web hosting, web design and search marketing, and so if you need help developing this domain into a fully functional site we are here for you and can provide you with a suitable solution to your needs.

Alex Bolton is a writer with the Discount Domains Search Team


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