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Frequently Asked Questions

Our prices are shown on the pricing tab from the home page. Press the hyperlink to go there now Prices.

Our prices are typically for a two year registration period. Towards the end of this period you will be sent a reminder and if you wish to continue a further registration fee will be payable.

We accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Switch, Solo, Delta and JCB. If you prefer to pay by cheque this is also possible, we cannot however reserve a domain name until your cheque has cleared our bank.

If your chosen name is registered before your cheque has cleared we will refund the money.

Our website uses industry standard encryption technology, your details are therefore encoded whilst in transit over the Internet.

The application process takes a matter of minutes and if you're paying by credit card your domain name will be submitted for registration immediately.

International registrations e.g. .com can take up to 48 hours to process by the relevant naming authorities. If your name still shows as available after this time please contact us by email.

UK registrations e.g. will receive a registration certificate from Nominet, however there can be up to 6 months of backlog. International registrations e.g. .com do not receive certificates.

The WHOIS record "expiration date" simply indicates the current contract period for a domain name registration. Expired domain names are subject to deactivation and eventual deletion from the systems. Many factors may cause the "expiration date" to vary from the eventual date of deletion.

Yes the names must be between 3 and 64 characters in length and there can be no spaces in a name. Additionally we do not allow names which are likely to cause offence etc.

We offer amongst the most competitive prices for domain registrations and transfers. We are also nice people!

Simply press the transfer a domain name tab on the home page.

We will e-mail the administrative contact and ask for confirmation of the transfer you have requested. We will also ask for proof of ID e.g. photocopy of a passport or a standard letter on company headed stationery of a business.

You need to reply to the e-mail either Accepting or Declining the transfer within 5 days of receipt. Once you Accept the transfer, we send a request to your registrar asking them to transfer the domain to us.

At this point, your registrar may or may not send you an e-mail asking you to accept the transfer. Your registrar has up to 5 days to decide whether to transfer the domain or not.

If your registrar has not accepted the transfer within 5 days, the transfer expires.

The process can take up to 20 days depending on your existing registrar.

Unfortunately yes, we charge £25.00 currently to cover our administrative costs, this in turn allows us to stay competitive on new registrations.

Transfer out must first pay this fee before we will accept requests from other registrars.

At least we are honest and don't hide this in the small print!!!

See our pricing page or press the pricing hyperlink pricing. Note not all domains can be transferred to Discount Domains. Currently .info and .biz cannot be transferred though new registrations are of course available. We hope to offer a full transfer service shortly.

We don't charge for the transfer itself but do expect transferees to extent their registration by two years.

.com "Commercial" is the most common extension domain names. Whilst used by companies and other organisations most personal web sites also use this extension
.net Generally represents Internet Service Providers (ISP's)
.org Usually represents non-profit organisations or groups
.biz "Business" reserved for use by businesses.
.info Usage is unrestricted but normally indicates a site is principally informative.

.com,.info,.net,.org are globally available and unrestricted

Refunds will be given at the discretion of the Company.

We can only correct errors within the first 48 hours of registration. Please check your invoice and let us know of any errors as soon as possible.

Order confirmation takes the form of an entry in the WHOIS database. Your domain name is registered if the details on the WHOIS match your own.

The WHOIS database is not necessarily real time. If your domain name is showing as available or the registrant information is incorrect then firstly please allow for 24 hours then contact us if the details are still incorrect. Discount Domains generates invoices as confirmation of the order placed, this is not the same as a confirmation of registration, the entries in the WHOIS database confirms the ownership of a domain name.

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