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IOS App Development

For those of you that use apple products you will know that they are durable, reliable and also host to one of the biggest app stores in the world. As the ever growing app market expands even further IOS apps are becoming more and more popular as consumers move towards Apple product purchases. The majority of tablets now purchased are Ipads, and when compared with any other provider they are massively trumped. These Apple products are only going to see an increase in sales as new customers move towards purchasing them, and so in order to stay ahead of the curve a lot more of our clients are moving towards the concept of developing an IOS app.

Apps are one of the staple sources of information, games and working tools these days. There is so much flexibility and variety involved with the app market, and so those companies that want to have an app developed really are spoilt for choice. At Discount Domains we appreciate this need for innovation and a professionally designed app for many different people and situations, and so we ensure that we accommodate the every requirement and need of our customer base.

Our specialist app development team is located in-house and has a lot of experience in the app field, and are constantly looking to develop and perfect their skills with every new project that comes around. We pride ourselves greatly in the ability of our app team as well as their gift of creating great bespoke apps and getting a lot of feedback from clients in order to make the app better for them. Customer satisfaction with the end product is what we are all about, and this is why so many of our IOS apps have gone on to be very successful in a number of different markets and fields.

The great thing about bespoke work is that you can change your mind about something and you aren't stuck with a set design if you make decisions on colour changes or a different format and such things. Where template designs are very linear and boring for our customers as well as their client a fresh and custom design gives them much greater assurance and control over what they are creating.

The apps that we develop are always made available in the Apple store after completion, and so once everything is finished and you feel that you have tested the app enough and are happy with the end product people can start downloading your app pretty much immediately. We also develop android apps aswell, and so if you want to accommodate 90% of the app market I would recommend picking up an app for both platforms to maximise efficiency.

For any additional information you may require call us on 020 3475 2777 and ask to speak to a member of the app development team, or alternatively you can enquire here and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Be sure to contact us as soon as you can to fit in a deadline and schedule for the development of your app.

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