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Discount Domains is one of the UK's leading domain registration companies, which is ICANN accredited. With the ever growing demand in the usage of the internet there are ongoing developments with domains names that are available to you, that can allow you to have a more direct search result to your ideal user.

You can purchase any domain name through our site by following the link on domain which you desire. If you'd rather call and speak to our customer service assistants then call us on 020 3475 2777.

Here, listed are the new domain names that are now available to you:

.academy - If you are a school that has become and academy or another reputable place of learning then the .academy domain may be perfect for you. Having the option of your own unique name may be the perfect solution for you. To read more click here.

.berlin - The city of Berlin once again the capital of a united Germany is a vibrant city which retains something of the feel from the pre-reunification time, if you have a connection to Germany and Berlin in particular then this is an ideal choice for you. To find out more click here.

.bike - Are you a bike lover who wishes to create a website with all things to do with biking, from equipment to popular biking routes? Do you have a bike shop selling repair parts? .bike can state your form interest instantly, attracting the right traffic to your shop or website. Want to read more on this domain, click here.

.builders - If like many of our customers you are in the building trade then this domain type is perfect for you. If your business name is not available as a traditional top level domain it may well be as a .builder. This domain makes it easy to combine your business name with the phrase builder. It is proving popular already. To find out more click here.

.camera - Do you wish to expand your search results on an existing site of yours? With this domain you shall be more than on your merry way in doing that. Can it be you want to create a website to excel your business or hobby, selling cameras, fixing cameras or maybe your into some form of photography? .camera is fitting for your business and the potential is endless. For more information click here.

.camp - A perfect domain for your camping related business or camp site. If you are looking for an attractive domain then this type is perfect for pulling in the tourist. Camping is a wonderful and fun filled activity. Call us today to secure your .camp domain. For more information click here.

.careers - Are you involved with career selection or recruitment? Then look no further than this domain type, its perfect for career advisors, recruitment specialist or other related advisors. For more information click here.

.clothing - Into your fashion and clothes, forming a blog or forum to do with fashion then .clothing is an ideal market place to fall under, hitting your target audience and gaining you all important readers. Equally you may have an online shop selling clothes, this domain will say what it does on the tin, comprising in a great performance. Click here to find out more.

.diamonds - All things sparkly, shiny and pricey springs to mind! Are you a jewelers or a specialist in selling diamonds? Or you could just be an avid blogger on all things diamonds. By using this domain you can promote your business and slowly gain more custom. Click here to read more on this domain name.

.enterprise - Is your business taking a new side line by stepping into new territory and creating an enterprise on the side of the current business? You can relate this domain to your business and state to the readers that you're an enterprise, whether it be for social reasons or just purely business. Read more by clicking here.

.equipment - Do you have a business in supplying equipment to other businesses and the public and wish to promote your business online and gain the most out of the online advertisement world. It is essential to have a good website with the right domain name, with using .equipment you will be able to achieve that and much more. To find more information click here.

.estate - Are you an estate owner, or do you run an estate? Could you be an estate agent? This domain name allows you to be defined into that market and attract your possible customers. By having a website that shows you to the best will have a massive impact on your website performance. By clicking here you can read more about this domain.

.guru - Could you be a talented individual that offers your services to others by being able to teach an instrument, sport, cooking or help educate? Interested in religion and writing about it? .guru can describe what you do and by process of elimination can find your possible customers or readers. Click here to find out more information.

.gallery - If you're an artist and you want to show case your pieces online to try and sell or just to show your talent then this domain is perfect. Perhaps you run an art gallery and wish to purchase this domain; if you are thinking that it would more than perfect for that purpose, then .gallery is a must have for you. Wish to find out more, click here.

.graphics - Is your specialty in graphic design and do you want to show the work you have done or promote your services? Maybe you have a company and want to protect an existing website then .graphics would work wonders for your website. To get more information click here.

.holdings - Does one have a vast portfolio of investment? Is that what you have built your company around, investing in other companies to create holdings? Using this domain name can allow you to share your experiences, trails and tribulations with the public on how to invest successfully. Click here to find out more information.

.lighting - Are you a self employed electrician who specialises in lighting? Do you sell light fittings and fixtures? Do you want to narrow your search market? This domain, .lighting can do just that and much more. Clicking here will take you to more information.

.plumbing - Do you have a plumbing company or are you a self employed plumber? This domain can work wonders for your client base and with the right website your business can hit new levels with constant content update. To read more on this domain click here.

.photography - Wedding photography to family portraits to landscape photography. It has been proven that having a website to showcase the work you have done will improve your chances of gaining new clients equaling in a larger client base and the success of your business. .photography has the power to do just that. Wish to know more, click here.

.singles - Do you have a blog about being single? Are you a dating site and want to market yourself to the singles? .singles is great for you! If you have an existing website and want a little face lift then this domain is a brilliant opportunity for you to do that. To read more, click here.

.tips - Maybe you have blog relating to tips on a certain subject area which you specialise in? By setting this to your blog you will be able to get more recognition as a fully formed website and business, apposed to a small time blog. .tips would be perfect for taking your blogging venture to the next level. By clicking here you can find out more information.

.ventures - A budding entrepreneur? Are you undergoing a new business venture and wish for a website to refer clients, customers and other users too, then .ventures is a domain brilliant to build your site on. Are you going on some fancy traveling adventure and wish to share with the world by blogging? .ventures again, is perfect for you. Click here to read up on this domain.

.voyage - Is one undergoing an exciting expedition and do you want to share what you are doing with others? Perhaps you travel and go on many holidays and wish to form a website writing reviews on where you have been, hotels you have stayed at and experiences you have had. .voyage was made for you! Wish to find out more, click here.

All of the above domain names are available to you all, regardless of your location in the world, as there are no restrictions apposed against them.

As we are a business constantly developing, we are constantly providing you with new domain names that will be a great attribute to your business and website. So keep a look out for new domains hitting the web.

We offer the highest service out there in the market and having built our business around customer service, any issues you have will be dealt with professionally and quickly by our dedicated team.

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