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How can I use Discount Domains to access my emails whilst abroad or away from my home base?

There are two options available.

Option 1

Either you can use our webmail system or using your existing POP3 account

Using Webmail

All our email and hosting packages come complete with a webmail system, to access, simply enter your domain name into a web browser followed by /webmail

Step 1 - Open a web browser

Note use your own domain name in place of the above.
Then press enter

Step 2 - Webmail

Enter your full email address and the password associated with it.

Step 3 - Select mail application

Select one of our 3 web mail applications, if you are unsure which one to choose then Squirrel is our most popular and the easiest of them to use.

Step 4 - You can now send and receive emails

Option 2 - using your existing POP3 setting on a mobile device such as a laptop.

You can use your existing POP3 email settings whilst abroad however  in some countries you will need to select the Outgoing server settings that matches the ISP in the location you are connecting from.

For example
France: -

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