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Are you a London-based company looking for an exciting new domain for you and your organisation? Potentially you are picking up a domain on behalf of somebody else or even purchasing a domain to show your pride and appreciation of being a Londoner. Whatever the need you have for a .london domain, Discount Domains is ready to provide you with the perfect solution to your needs.

The reason you would want to purchase a .london domain is simple; it is a brand new and interesting domain that your customers will absolutely notice. Other more generic domains such as and .com have been substantially exhausted which means that there is little room for finding a really unique and innovative domain, as so many have already been taken. Lengthy and specific domains are so common in the market and this makes it very difficult to grab in new customers who have a great interest in a company. This differs in a .london domain as there haven't been many registered yet and it gives your business more identity in the eyes of the customer. For instance, you may have to register a domain such as taxiccablondon which is a very long address and does not really provide much of an easy-to-reach- solution for your clientele. However, a URL such as would have so much more appeal to your customer base and indefinitely get you more traffic through your site.

Using a .london domain to give yourself more identity as a London-based business will automatically give you more favour with your customers. This is predominantly because of the fact that London is associated with outstanding quality in most industries regardless of whether you are a high or low end business. It also allows you to take pride in the fact that you are a business located in London, which bodes will with other Londoners and others across the country.

London is also recognised as a beacon for international trade all across the world. IF an international business looks to import or export to the UK, London will always be the first place that they will look without fail. Any global location with a reputation such as London's will inevitably see increased trade when compared to perhaps somewhere such as Birmingham, which although it does have several businesses and a lot of trade going through it none of it is international and most is not a substantial enough amount to be deemed worth purchasing a domain for. When people talk about UK business, the first point of interest will never be the trade don't in Birmingham, and so a .london domain is precisely what you need to become increasingly relevant in the industry of your operation.

The main reason above everything else to consider and purchase a .london domain is because it makes you stand out from the crowd. If all of your competitors are stuck with the same mundane domain name for years and you can identify yourself with a .london domain, you will have got an edge on your competitors without having to do any additional marketing at all. There is a minimalistic cost in a .london domain compared to the increased amount of business it will undoubtedly get you, so make sure you get yourself a .london domain today and don't avoid the perfect opportunity to increase sales and profits substantially.

If you think that a .london domain will benefit you and your organisation and would like to get one registered before anyone else can snatch it up, make sure you go through Discount Domains. We offer all the latest quirky domain names such as .pub, .uk and even .ninja, so call our main line on 01952 898 701 or email us if you would like to purchase a domain. Additionally, if you need hosting and web design or SEO for this brand new domain be sure to enquire about that too as we have an in-house team of writers and web designers, so don't delay call Discount Domains today!


London Domain Registry - Official Registry for the new London domain name

London Domains from Discount Domains - Our page to register and learn more about the new London domain name

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