.wales and .cymru domain names

.wales and .cymru domain names

Wales now has its own domain name so you can buy your very own .wales or .cymru (welsh for wales) domain name now.


New domain names have been coming to market steadily for the last few months and something like 1,200 new types are on their way. Wales now has its very own top level domain name, so if you are a business based in Wales or have a strong connection with wales and want to show that off then .wales or .cymru is for you.

Why .wales?

Wales is a country that is part of the United Kingdom and like other countries it now has its own unique online identity. There is a strong separate Welsh identity and a separate language so it's great that you can now express this as part of your online presence.

What can I use.wales or .cymru for?

There are no restrictions on its use but it makes sense if you are targeting the welsh market or your business is based in Wales.

How can Discount Domains help?

As a Nominet member we can register your welsh domain names for you, either visit our website for details or call our main customer services number on 01952 898701

Protect your brand

Don't forget that others may register your brand using the new domain type, so it also makes sense to register this type as a way to protect your business from competitors.


Getting your own .wales or cymru name makes perfect sense particularly if other domain versions are unavailable.

Adrian Lawrence is a webmaster with Discount Domains a UK registrar that is located close to the Welsh border in Shropshire England.


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