.tv domains the domain from Tuvalu

Technically speaking, the Top-Level Domain (TLD) .TV is assigned to the nationstate, Tuvalu, since 1996. In the year 2000, this nation created a long-term agreement to allow its domain, .tv, to be used for the obvious use as a designation for the abbreviation of television.

On its introduction, it is fair to say it had a slow start. That was then, this is now. It's no big surprise that a large number of people are visual learners. Our brains are hardwired that way. We process visual information faster than text. Also, visual information is inherently richer than reading.

 Visual information also overcomes language barriers. Today it is easy to create desktop video. If you are doing so take a look at the .SRT file format. It is textbased and used for what is commonly known as: open caption. This means that the text is overlaid on the video without need of special equipment.

It is remarkably easy to take a standard text file in one human language and have it translated to other human languages. From there you simply build a unique video for each open caption language format.

With the explosion of the Internet, specialization is the key. There is a strong competitive edge in explaining your widget in different human languages. Chances are your competition is not aware of this option.

Getting the message out on YouTube costs you exactly 0 for hosting. Simply take your same video and put open caption text in the native languages in your target market. You do not have to be marketing outside of the US for this to be a competitive advantage. Consider how many people are native Spanish speakers in the US alone.

Having a .tv domain where you can embed your different open captioned YouTube videos today is ridiculously easy.

In no way am I suggesting you should do a .tv domain in lieu of a .com domain. Text is still valuable, and belongs in your .com domain. It is perfect for things like Terms of Service. And yes, some people still would rather read.

With the explosion of low-cost video where it is easy to create high-quality video content, hosted by a variety of video sharing and pay wall video sites, there is clearly growth in video content. Having a .tv makes sense for both wheels humans and search engines to find your visually-based content.

A word of caution is in order. You are strongly advised to avoid co.tv. In July 2011 Google removed from its search results anything with co.tv. This does not apply to .tv .

Also be aware that the .tv domain is subject to United States law. With the assumption that you are operating a legitimate operation, now would be a good time to acquire your .tv domain, while it is still available and your competition is still asleep at the switch. The old saying goes: "forewarned is forearmed.”

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