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.Co Domains
 Frustrated with needing deep pockets just to purchase your domain? Finding that your preferred domains aren't available? If any of this sounds familiar, then you'll definitely want to keep reading. Assigned to what's properly referred to as the Republic of Colombia, .co domains are a rising star in the world of online domain purchasing. Effective in the search engines, easily remembered, and generally reputable, these products could be the solution to all of your domain-purchasing problems. Here's what you need to know.
.Co Domains
 Brought about due to the combined efforts of Neuster, Inc and Arcelandia S.A. under the name ".CO Internet S.A.S., these domains have been used by individuals as well as big names like Starbucks and Google. What do these big names love so much about this type of domain? Put simply, the beauty of a .co domain is its overall flexibility.
With no restrictions on second-level domains, you don't have to be a multibillion dollar corporation to make use of this domain. All you need is a roughly planned time frame for your registration period. What's the most interesting part about this product? Even though there's no question that the local search engine pull is certainly compelling for Colombian businesses, the .co domain also has a multitude of other uses as well as third level option for those who want something a little more tailored to their own goals online.
Why Bother With a .Co Domain?
Besides the freely available second-level domains, this product is also worth looking into because of the variety of third level domains that can be had as well. So for entities like corporations and government branches that wish to differentiate themselves while still keeping the shortened name, the .co domain is a fantastic option. Here are just a few of the ones available: .net.co; .edu.co; and .org.co. The most obvious benefit of this strategy is that it allows you and your company to continue perpetuating its brand while pursuing offshoot projects and campaigns.
Another advantage of these domains is the ease of registration as well as the relatively limited number of qualified resellers. This allows you to check the validity of your registrar without any problems. In the online world especially, this ability to verify quickly is a major plus that'll save you tons of time own
the road. As you can see, a .co domain opens up a whole new world of possibilities.
Why Bother With a .co Domain?
 For one thing, the loosening of the restrictions for second level .co domains makes these domains more accessible than ever before. With lots of names to choose from and reasonable prices to go for, it's well worth a second look. Here are just a few of the reasons why .co domains should be on your short list.
A Few Benefits…
1. A Domain That's Being Increasingly Accepted
 It used to be the case that Internet users were more cautious when going online. For many individuals and companies, anything other than the usual .net or .com domain would be enough to make people stay away. These days, however, the .co domain is a brand that folks don't mind clicking on. So whether the issue is getting the exact address you want or simply to have an alternative piece of "property” on the web, .co domains can be used without bringing down the perceived value of your website.
2. More options
 Whether you're targeting specific keywords or simply looking to capture a phrase that's easy for people to remember, a .co domain ensures that you have more options for your website. After all, you want to go for an exact match where you can. The trouble with some of these .coms or .orgs is that names can be taken already or otherwise so expensive that they're too much for your budget. A .co has a lot more names available at reduced prices.
3. Search Engine Authority
 For businesses and individuals that rely primarily on organic search engine traffic, this is important. As has been touched upon before, the quality of your domain can be make or break your online endeavours  A poorly selected domain can cost you credibility with search engines and consequently can cost you a lot of money. The good news, however, is that Google has a friendly relationship with .co domains.
4. Available Through Reputable Registrars
Purchasing domains through reputable people is key when you're operating on the Internet. What makes .co domains such a viable option is the fact that there are a limited number of accredited sellers who can offer them. As such, it's a lot easier to trace the credentials of your prospective registrar.
5. Anyone Can Register
 Another perk that has been associated with .co domains as of late is the lack of restrictions on who can register. In addition, the registration period can be as short as 1 year in the event that you're not sure how long you plan to keep things going. Under these terms, companies can register based on their own needs and individuals can set up personal sites for their reasons as well.
6. Navigate Social Media
 In the present, there's no underestimating the value of a social media campaign. On the whole, it's a fantastic method of driving traffic and building a reputation online. Simply because of how prevalent sites like Twitter and Facebook are, characters are a resource that companies can't afford to waste. The shorter .co domain saves space and is perfect for squeezing into those social bookmarks and so on. Now more than ever, social media is an incredibly valuable resource. These domains make it easier to plan.
The increasing popularity of .co domains make them an attractive option for those who are looking for a domain that has several practical applications. It's a flexible product that allows customers and their respective organizations to maintain their online identities without too much fuss. Google also has no problems ranking .co domains. Contact us at 01952 288383 to find out more.

Adrian Lawrence is the author of this article and a webmaster with Discount Domains


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