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At one time the going rate for a UK domain was around £90 plus VAT, not surprisingly this proved very profitable for some of the early entrants to the domain market. Fortunately today there are a lot more competitors active in the domain market and this has resulted in the emergence of cheaper domain providers.

Having your own domain name

If you are serious about building a web presence, then it is now more than ever important to have your own domain name. Try and find an available name that matches your business or is catchy in a way that you can then develop into a brand. Sometimes lateral thinking may be needed to find a name that is worthwhile, available and workable, you may also be able to find an English phrase that is in use that is also available.

Keep the following in mind:-

When you consider the above, it is helpful that the price has come down as buying a few dozen domain names for 10 years each would have proven expensive back in the early days of the internet.

What should you look for when looking for a supplier of cheap domain names

It's always best to select a Registrar that is fully accredited, as that way you can be sure you are not working with a middle man, that is because :-

Is the cheapest the best always?

In the current business climate it is often better to pay a little more to be sure that you get a good level of customer support. If your registrar goes out of business that will cause a lot more disruption that the small saving you might make by going for the cheapest provider you can find.

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