Organise urls

Organise your urls with mod-rewrites


A challenge for webmaster and their web designers is how to name web pages, Google the leading search engine appears to favour urls with descriptive key words in them. It also makes pages easy for humans to read and understand.

Search Engine Friendly urls is an example of a logically contructed url - the main domain name is followed by a category /domain names/ in this instance and then a rich descriptive human friendly piece of text and lastly an ID number. ID' are helpful because it means a page can have the same title but have a unique address all the same.

The technology that Linux servers use to enable these urls are known as Mod Rewrites for Apache.

The above example is more user friendly that the more basic alternative for example


It is not only important to get your url high up on the Search Results known as the Search Engine Results Placement, but you also need conversions, humans tend to click eye catching things such as picture or text they recognise and having your keywords in the url helps albeit only by a small amount to increase the click through rate or CTR of your urls.

We also know that Google uses the keywords as part of its search algorithm, its not a huge factor but if you have 1,000's or 100,000's of pages then even small factors add up to improve things.


Using the correct url structure is helpful not just for better CTR but for higher SERPS.

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