Selling a Domain

Do you have a domain name that is coming up to expiry? Are you planning to let it drop? Well that might not be the best idea.


Large numbers of domain names expiry each and every day. About 70% of these domains are instantly registered by new owners who often pay far more than the domain renewal price to get hold of them. New owners often put domains straight up for sale.

What Should I do with my unwanted domains?

Well we always recommend trying to sell them first, that way you can generate some return for your investment. If you have a domain name that has traffic, for example because it is more valuable with an established stream of visitors than without any.

What price to set?

Well that is a tough one to answer - it is far easier to start with a high price and work downwards. gives a good indication for domains and Sedo is a great place to start with .com's

Recently we've send .uk domains selling for £1.5K - £2K and .coms if they are good ones for up to £4.5K

Are there fees involved?

We suggest to allow for 10% of the sale proceeds for fees.

Can I do anything to boost the domains value meanwhile?

If you can build a small site and link to it from any related sites you have, that will over time build up its traffic and therefore increase its potential value. Google Page Rank is a measure of the strength of a domain name, it has very little to do with rankings in Google anymore but the aftermarket in domain names seems to place far higher values on domains with higher page ranks. So if you can build up yours then that will also be helpful.

Can you recommend a site or partner to sell my domain through?

Sedo is the best known, one of our resellers Gibnic a Gibraltar based Domain Services company also sells domain so you might try contact them.

How long does it take?

The process can take a bit longer than you might expect, we suggest allowing 60-90 days from start to finish.


It's a mistake to just let your domain name expire, you may be missing out on £K's of potential value, which will simply pass to the next owner.

Adrian Lawrence is a webmaster with Discount Domains a leading UK ICANN domain registration service.

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