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Many people enquire about Dictionary Domain Names every day. The main questions they will ask about this domain are:

Dictionary domain Names have been around for quite some time now and therefore as with most popular domain types the dictionary domains have been substantially exhausted compared to when they first came out. Most sources would suggest that it is impossible to pick up a dictionary domain name as everything has been thought of and taken beforehand, due to people rushing to pick them up as they have a lot of value.

I therefore took it upon myself to spool through and see if I could find a dictionary domain that hadn't been registered yet as there is a lot of intrinsic value in the domain type. However, after hours of searching and thinking of new domain names to try, there was no such luck as all the domains I had looked for had been registered.

At this point I was looking purely in .com domain names for dictionary domains, as they would hold a lot more value due to the fact that .com domains are a popular extension and are therefore more likely to appeal to anybody who wants to buy them and would be worth a lot more money. It appears, however, that a dictionary .com domain is near impossible to find, and that it would in fact make for an incredible game to attempt to find a dictionary domain that was actually valid.

After my primary search was not successful at all in finding a good dictionary domain name, I decided to adopt a different strategy in order to once again attempt to find the Holy Grail in terms of domains to register. This was because I had read a couple of articles previously saying that dictionary domains had much more value than those that were ordinary domains. However, it is not the easiest thing to sell a domain especially a dictionary domain, as you need to find somebody who actually wants it to get the right price for it.

This challenging feat of finding an unregistered dictionary .com domain was becoming even more frustrating. I was motivated to find a decent .com dictionary domain that was available, and so I decided to try out a little bit of trial and error to see if it yielded any better results. I did this by thinking up words and writing them down, and then checking that the spelling was correct and adding this to the .com dictionary domain and seeing if this word in a dictionary domain was available. I couldn't find any domains that fitted the words I could think of unless they were too long or too ridiculous, which would have made them extremely undesirable to both me and the customers I might try to resell them to.

At this point I was getting desperate to prove myself right that I could find one, and so I used a college dictionary that I had to start looking for good words that would captivate me and yet still be a valid domain name. After spooling through most of this dictionary, I stumbled across the zebeck.com domain and lo and behold it was available for registry, which leads me to register this domain for myself as I was positive that I would be able to turn a profit on it.

Once I had finally found this domain name and registered it for myself, I was energised to look for more that I could register and try to sell on to other clients. After finding Zebeck, I decided to look for a much larger range of words. Of the ones I found on these included floccule, thulia, javary and kamacite, all of which were available and were registered by myself under the .com domain type.

The reason I was having such problems before was the fact that the words that appeared in my dictionary did not have online definitions at the time, or were spelt slightly differently which made it much harder to find them and their definitions through the internet. It appears that at this time printed dictionaries were more reliable than online versions, however this may have changed a lot over the years and therefore more domain names may have been registered.

I registered several domain names using the written dictionary method, as I saw a significant opportunity to profit from the situation. If I was ever to crawl through potentially available domain names they would be found verified within minutes and before you knew it I had a bunch of one-word dictionary domains under the .com domain address. I now have a lot of them and have therefore moved onto something different as I have begun to exhaust the market of all of my unique words myself. Infact, the latest project that I have been working on is finding two word hyphened phrases to get under the .com domain, which include scrub-up and jury-rig.

There are a lot of ways in which you can do this for yourself including the trial and error dictionary method that I began with. However, since this time I have greatly developed my skills and am now using other means to find words that can lead me to excellent dictionary domains such as from newspaper articles, online blogs and web pages and other forms of media in which elocution and vocabulary are considered extremely important.

Another method that some adopt for domain registrations is to not actually look for domains yourself, but to see when other parties domains may be expiring so that you can snatch them up for yourself. You have to be really on the ball to do this, as other people will be trying to do the same thing and you will have to work very hard to get these domains.

Some registries will offer an auctioning of domains that are due to expire rather than letting them die out, as they can turn a decent profit on them. If more than one person applies to repurchase the name there are sometimes auctions for these domains, which will often go for around £40 depending on the overall value of the domain and the popularity of the word, used in the domain name.

If you find a dictionary-defined word that can be applied to a .com domain, we recommend that you do so and try and sell it on yourself to a buyer that intends to use it. However, unfortunately I do not yet know the true value of a domain like this, as there are so many variables to affect the desirability of the domain. It may be the opinion of some outsiders that one is worth more than the other, and so it is integral to do your research and get the opinions and offers of several customers before committing to the sale of a dictionary domain name. I wish you the best of luck in finding your perfect domain and either keeping it or selling it on to a company of interest, and hopefully you can get a hold of as many as I have over the years.

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