Pre-Owned Domain

Or all about second hand domain names.


There is a dynamic and active market in second hand domain names, sometimes called Pre-owned, Pre-loved or after market domain names. If you are skilful you can pickup a domain with pre-existing traffic and search ranking.

Why Pre-Owned.

Domains are global but most businesses are local, companies start up, close down and change plans for a variety of good reasons. Sometimes domain names are not renewed as they are overlooked or just because of the normal changes above. A domain can have a decent about of traffic and links to it but still be left to expire. Google the leading search engine sorts its search engine results based on the text on a websites page and the number of links to it. In general the better the quality and to some extent the greater the number of links to a site the more potential value it has.

How to stop a good domain name

A number of services list expiring domain expiring on a daily drop list, there are often huge numbers of domains on these lists, but with a bit of perseverance it is still possible to find great domains with traffic and search rankings.

Other factors that influence the value of a domain include:-

Negative factors to consider

Potential negative factors to consider include:

  • Has the domain a Google penalty or is it blacklisted due to hackers or spam issues
  • Is the domain protected by a brand, if it is then there are potential legal problems ahead.
  • Has the current owner overlooked it, if they have then they may threaten legal in an attempt to recover it back.
  • Conclusion

    All in all there are huge opportunities in the pre-owned domain market, as long as you are careful and take time to research potential domain purchases you stand to make a tidy profit. If you need help or a registrar partner to work with contact Discount Domains today on 01952 898701

    Adrian Lawrence is a webmaster with Discount Domains a leading UK ICANN registrar, web host and Search Marketing company.

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