Which TLD to use?


TLD's or Top Level Domains are the names given to the types of available domain names, so for example .co.uk and .com are the most popular types we sell.


The domain types were originally setup with specific markets in mind, so for example .com was originally meant to target commerce of business but has since gone into general use.

.org for example is run by the public interest registry and is intended for use by not for profit organisations.

Country code or geographic domains known as ccTLD are intended for particular geographic locations so .uk is for the United Kingdom .wales for Wales etc.

.biz is for Business

.net is for Internet based business

.mobi is intended for Mobile users

Since 2014 a very large number of new domain types have started to come to market and these are either location or topic specific for example .london or .agency

Whilst initially these will be seen as a novelty they will quickly settle into the market and become accepted by the browsing public.

Which type to select?

The decision comes down to what market you wish to chase, if you are focussed on a geographic market such as the UK then a co.uk will be ideal. If you are after global business but for a specific topic then one of the new domain types may be ideal. If you want it all then stick to the .com version.

Cover all bases

Why not register all of the available domain types, that way not only are you protecting your brand but also you can link them all together so no matter which version the end users enters they will still arrive on your website.


There are an increasing number of choices available in the Domain Registration Market, focus your decision making on what is best for your users and if possible register as many versions of your domain as possible.

Adrian Lawrence is a webmaster with Discount Domains Ltd a leading UK based ICANN registrar.

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