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Selling your domain

There are a number of popular services around that help to sell domain names, typically these operate in auction style, so little bit like ebay, you list your domain with a starting price and if the reserve price is met you sell to the highest bidder

What sells

The simple answer is what ever someone wants to buy. Generally .com domains sell for more the but it varies widely.

What is my domain worth

You can expect to sell a domain for anything between £50 and £5,000 some domain have gone for millions but you are unlikely to be that lucky. Still you never know.

Where to sell

A lot of our customers use SEDO and find them great. You might also try Gibnic they are one of resellers based in Gibraltra.

Need help and advice

Call our main office and ask for advice on buying and selling domain, the team will be delighted to guide you.

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