Discount Web Design

Discount Web Design

It is always important to build a website that professionally represents your business and product, but too many customers end up paying over the odds for a website which isn't always what it seems.


Discount Domains has been offering web design to its UK customers for more than 8 years, unlike a lot of providers we do all our work in house or by using home workers. We offer a full range of solutions, static sites, content managed sites and Ecommerce stores, more recently we have started to offer App Development.


A lot of competitors charge a higher price than Discount Domains but in fact use outsourced providers in countries such as India, this often leads to problems with quality, and it can usually be fairly easily detected.

Our team has more than 10 years of experience and a lot of the web designers have been with us as a company ever since we started offering web design. What we like about this approach is that it means there is continuity for our customers.

How do we keep our prices down?

Well being based in the Telford area means that the average labour cost here is only a fraction of that in say London or Manchester. We also have a slick process of design and construction so the process is tried and tested.

One team handles design creation and is composed of graduates with a design background from University

The other team are coders with a background in coding.

The process works well and has been running smoothly for all these years.

Do you come to London?

Yes we now have an office in London so if you want to meet to discuss your web design needs you can come over to Covent Garden or we can come out to you. The London office is a sales team, our backoffice staff are all based in Telford Shropshire.


Building a professional website doesn't need to be expensive if you need a quote or just to chat over your options call us today on our main number 01952 898701

Adrian is a webmaster with Discount Domains


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