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If you are in the Shropshire area and looking for a talented and experienced local web designer you need to be able to understand the web design market and what kind of product you are looking for. Often consumers will jump straight into looking for a web designer without any real knowledge of the subject itself or the company that they deal with, which could lead them to be left with a product that they don't want or need as well as potentially being ripped off aswell. There are many web design companies to choose from as well as many types of website to consider, and so be sure to read on and work out which type of website is appropriate for you and which Shropshire-based company you should go to for the best service and advice.

Generally speaking there are three main types of website that can be developed for you, all of which are equally as useful to the right customer and are tailored to meet certain needs for certain people in terms of what they need for their website. Some of the website types out there will be too simplistic to be used for their true purpose and will become obsolete, whereas some sites do more than they need to and therefore cost the customer too much money for something that does the same job as a cheaper site would. Furthermore, for those looking to commercialise their site there are only a handful of ways to set up an online store, and so you will need a specific sort of website for this project too. Whatever it is you need most web designers will be able to provide it for you, so read on and find out which site is appropriate for you and your organisation or business.

The first and most common type of site on the web at the moment is known as a static site. These websites are usually suitable for start-up businesses or those organisations that do not need to change their sites very regularly such as an information page of a historical event that does not need updating at all. The reason that these sites are referred to as "static" is because they stay the same and cannot be edited by the user after the site has been uploaded. Although to some people this can be viewed as a disadvantage for not having up-to-date information, for some people this is not really as relevant and is used as a temporary glorified holding page so that they can decide on the future of their business before investing a lot of money. As static sites are extremely cheap there is no real need to break the bank with them and it is customary for most people to just get a static site to get them off the ground before purchasing a more refined and purposeful site later on. Since it is important to display your image to your customer base from an early stage a nice little static site allows them to find you much more easily and this online traffic can lead to a big increase in sales purely from just having something there rather than no site in which case many customers would not be that interested. In addition, it suits those sites that will never need editing very well as that site only has the objective of being informative and as long as you find a good web designer that provides bespoke work you will find precisely what you need in their services and should have a website that does what you need it to. Essentially static sites cannot be edited and will remain the same until a new site is uploaded, and so only consider the static site option if you do not want to make regular updates to your website or you are just doing it to get started out and achieve some notoriety in the online community and in your current customer base. Be sure to keep an eye out for those that do bespoke work and offer perks such as a certain amount of free hosting, as it allows you to get off your feet and get started with a website as soon as possible to get a foothold on the market and have something to show to your current customers.

The second type of website that is usually offered to web design customers is that of a Content Managed Site (or CMS site for short). A content managed website differs from a static site as certain aspects of the website can be edited daily (usually through an admin area that allows you to add, change or remove things). The kinds of things that can be changed through a content managed site can range from simplistic aspects such as updating information such as contact details or things that will affect the look and feel of the site itself such as a news feed, adding articles or adding new images of current events for specific websites like a photography company that wants to upload and update new images constantly to be viewed by the general public. Without up-to-date information and media for these kinds of companies it can be crippling, so be sure to consider a content managed site if you are looking for web design in Shropshire and want to have a product that provides you with a reasonable solution to requiring a site that can be updated regularly.

Content managed sites may be a little more expensive than a basic static site, but the amount you get out of them more than makes up for this figure. For those who won't achieve anything with a static site having a CMS is of great importance, since a constantly adapting and expanding company may only see 6 months of shelf life from a static site. Once clients see that an organisation's website is out of date or does not have current information it may become less popular or valuable, leading to the customer being disappointed in the service that they have been given. Therefore, if you know immediately that you require a content managed site over a static one just go straight for it, as it will save you money in the long run with the ability to have a relevant site running for an extended period of time rather than having several static sites or having to switch from static to CMS and having to pay for a redesign. As long as you like the layout and look of the CMS that you have created, there should be no issues and you can be extremely happy knowing that your web designer has given you a long-term solution to your need. Corporate sites will always require a CMS over a static site, so be sure to think about your specific web design need from your Shropshire-based web designer.

Most content managed sites use a programme called Wordpress for development, as it is one of the most advanced and have non-confusing admin and editing sections, meaning that clients can change their site efficiently without requiring expert help from their designer. Being able to understand a product that you have purchased is of the upmost importance in being able to get the most out of your money, and so I would recommend looking for a web designer in Shropshire who can create Wordpress sites as they are currently the most prominent in the market.

The final type of website that most companies will look for eventually is an e-commerce store. This is once again a site that can be managed and edited, but this particular site is an online store rather than an information platform or place to showcase photography (or other uses of a regular CMS). Having an E-commerce store at your disposal makes it a lot easier for you as a company to get sales in and develop customer leads, as there are no complicated stages involved and the customer can immediately choose to buy a product without having the complication of having to call up or find another way to purchase such as coming into a physical store. Furthermore, with "buy now" and "pay now" options to get customers to the point of buying quicker they may not consider other competitors and will just jump straight on whatever product you are selling to them. As there are a lot of impulsive buyers around the internet it is very important to snatch up all the sales that you can as quickly as you can, and so an e-commerce store can do this for you perfectly. There are several secure payment methods made available by most web designers, and so the customer can be reassured as well as yourself in order to pull in additional sales by developing the trust between customer and provider.

There are several different types of E-commerce store out there, the most common and professional of which being a Prestashop site. Prestashop is a nifty little tool that allows you to calculate factors such as shipping cost and postage into the price of the product automatically depending on the size of the item and the location in which the customer is located, saving a lot of time for you but more importantly making it so the customer can see one final figure at the end of their transaction which can all be sorted for them and paid in one go. This is invaluable to a customer, as most choose to pay for online solutions because it is quick, easy and every aspect is dealt with immediately. With a Prestashop store you can give customers the opportunity to make a snappy decision, increasing your profits and output exponentially for a reasonable price from the right person who does web design in Shropshire.

At Discount Domains, we provide all three varieties of site to our customers and have an established team of professional designers who will all be very adaptive and proficient in providing you with the right web design that you need, and we are even based in the Shropshire area. All of our work is bespoke and does not use any templates, as well as having very reasonable prices and a friendly team that is dedicated to suiting your specific needs. We have a team of designers that can do anything from a cheap 4 page static site to a fully functional professional E-commerce store that will be used as a business tool for you and your company. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you and your organisation in terms of web design and online store creation. You can do so by calling our main line on 01952 898701 and asking to speak to one of our web design team, and we would be more than happy to assist you in creating your dream site and giving you effortless and large increases in traffic and sales conversion.

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