Designing App for IOS and Android

What platforms do you provide for?

At Discount Domains we create and design apps for a multitude of platforms, as well as the obvious generic ones such as IOS and Android. We have also made blackberry apps and PC apps, so be sure to call our sales team and enquire about which platforms you would like and which ones are most suited to your company. We will always recommend having an app built for IOS and Android, but you can also consider other options such as the blackberry and PC apps previously mentioned. We will use different types of coding for the different platforms and our designers are fluent in all these forms of coding so you can be sure that our in-house designers are willing and able to produce an app for all platforms very quickly and efficiently for you.

Why do I need an app?

It may seem like a very strange question to some, but there is a very good reason why apps are necessary in modern day business. Apps make everything a person does more accessible and simple on their phone, and means that complicated tasks can be done on-the-go at the quick click of a button, and so the initial reason why you should get an app and why people desire an app is the actual functionality and convenience of a product. In this day and age we are creatures of habit and like things that are relevant to us and help us rather than going out of our way to be outgoing. Therefore, an app is perfect to draw in customers as they can do things that would normally require effort very quickly giving you a faster and better point of sale as well as profit.

What are the prices like and are there basic templates used?

One of the things that you can be absolutely sure of when using Discount Domains for your app developer and web designer is that all of our work is 100% bespoke, and so you can be assured of a custom new design developed by one of our design team as well as having it professional coded and functioning to give you the edge over others in terms of your business exploits and success. Bespoke designs mean that your customers are much more entertained from the app that we produce which will encourage them to use your app more and recommend it to friends. This in turn is the equivalent of a free referral and will seamlessly allow you to bring your business to new heights and increase your profits substantially. Where inexperienced designers using templates may provide you with an inferior product there is a much higher change of you achieving success if you decide to stick with Discount Domains where our web designers have had years of experience developing apps and can provide you with the exact product you need with a lot of consultation to acquire the right functionality that you need.

Why DD?

At Discount Domains we always have the customer in mind. Whatever you need from us we are always enthused and ready to accommodate your needs, so be sure to choose us after or before looking at other providers to look for the best deal. If you feel that others can do a better job ask for examples of our work so that we can respectfully prove you wrong and provide you with the best product possible to satisfy your needs. Our in-house team are always ready to speak to you about options for apps, so don't be a stranger and call 01952 898701 today to get some custom web design or app development done to boost you and your business to new heights. We are always waiting for your call so make a good decision and give us a quick ring to get a quote or arrange a consultation.

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