Apps: the new craze

As technology moves so quickly in modern day society, the general public (especially young people) demand the latest advances in innovation to be readily available to them in a mobile world. The most convenient way to do this is through creating an app for any of the available platforms, as they are currently taking the world by storm in their ability to offer a quality experience as well as ease of access.

The distinct advantage of apps is that you can create them for almost anything: from mobile games to taxi booking to comical apps such as a virtual beer drinker. They are fit for purpose and desirable to any device user, as several of them are offered freely to customers to enhance their experience with whichever companies they liase with. At Discount Domains we have already created a variety of apps for our clients for multiple platforms.

Another integral advantage of using android, IOS or blackberry apps is that they are on-the-go, some not even requiring an internet connection. For instance, those customers that do not have the time to use Facebook in the evenings or during their working day are able to access it in lunch hours and on public transport if so desired. Social media is an extremely influential modern driver when it comes to keeping in touch with friends and family, and so having it as easily available as this is incredibly important to the user.

Apps in general are considered a time-saving tool as well as a more convenient method of carrying out a task. For instance, for a taxi app, punching in a location to your device takes a matter of seconds, when compared to ringing a taxi company, specifying the details and any other general small talk. It additionally means that you do not need to disturb others when doing so, as you may wish to book a taxi in a professional office environment, and cannot do so whilst your work colleagues are still carrying out their roles.

As well as being more efficient in their roles, compatible on all devices and very flexible on what they can do, apps in general are just extremely desirable for customers. They are new and interesting pieces of innovation and the general public will follow the new fashion whether it is good or not. Having an app will give you a direct competitive advantage over any similar companies that do not have an app, regardless of whether they offer a superior service to you.

If you are interested in having an app developed for yourself, or would like to view some examples of apps that we have developed, you can call us on 01952 898 701, or submit an enquiry to our site here.

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