Get an app so you dont miss out

Get an app so you don't miss a trick

We are seeing more and more enquiries for Apps as our UK SME customers wake up to fact that they are missing out on a whole new market segment as they don't have an App yet.


Apps have grown amazingly quickly as more and more users get smart phones and tablet devices, the operating system providers have created their own monopolies which is a good move for them and potentially for you also.

How can I use an App for my advantage.

Unlike websites the only way to get an App is via the respective operating system providers store, so the IStore for Apple the Android Store for Google etc. Each store has their own quality control setup to ensure that only appropriate and working Apps get made available. This means that there is only one place to go to find an App so now browsing or etc, just a single store, now if your app is listed then it stands to reason that you'll get a slice of all browsing traffic for your chosen niche phrase.

Apps can be either free or paid for, if they are paid for, then Google or Apple will take a cut but pass the rest on to you on a regular monthly basis - this is again good as you don't have to worry about getting paid.

Apps as a different sales channel

Try to think differently, there are now multiple streams of potential income you can tap into. There is your offline stream of sales, web sales, Pay Per Click web sales, Apps and of course social media. These are all different each with their own dynamics and nuances. Learn as much as you can about each one and use them to your advantage.

Is it expensive to get an App built?

It depends is the answer! We build apps based on the time taken, the more time consuming your project the higher the price, most of the Apps we have designed have been in the range of £2.5K - £6.5K though we have done a few in the low £10K's and a number of simply and basic ones for around the £1K to £1.5K so its certainly worth asking us for a quote.

Will an App work on different platforms?

Basically no - a different app will be needed for each platform, we can of course make use of the same design, so building more than one app is cheaper per app than building a single App.

How long does it take?

We normally quote around 6-8 weeks but it all depends on the complexity involved.


Getting an App is a great way forward and it means that you are connecting to a much larger potential market place than if you rely only on web sales. Make sure you speak with our web sales team to get a price.

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