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At Discount Domains we are committed to providing our customers with the most up-to-date and relevant business opportunities in order to allow them to develop their marketing plans and exponentially increase productivity, revenue and profits. We primarily do this by offering a host of domain names and types, but there are also other services that we offer aswell that may take your interest and will be able to effortlessly bring your company new success and a brighter future in terms of growth and prosperity.

One of the services that we pride ourselves in being profound in is the concept of developing apps for a lot of our clients. We have a very experienced in-house web design team who are not only excellent at producing high-quality and professional websites but also have developed their skills in app development over the years and therefore can now integrate apps with ease in order to give you a brand new marketing tool to play about with. The app market has been growing out of control of the past few years and are now one of our most reliant programmes on the market today. Without apps such as Snapchat, Tinder and the Facebook app social media may not have blown up anywhere near as much as it did because of the fact that these apps can be used on-the-go and are an incredible symbol of quality and success from a business if an app is developed correctly and functions to the specific need of the customer. From online grocery shopping to taxi booking apps are all fit for purpose and will always bring the customer an easier experience and solution to enjoy, and this makes customers much more excited to use your brand or company.

You may ask yourself why you personally need an app and whether you could live without one or not. The simple answer is that because of the reasons given above apps are a huge craze and have been for quite a while, and if you do not jump on the bandwagon soon with the latest technologies you and your business can get left behind and obsolete in the market. This is especially true if you have a lot of competitors who do have apps, as although some customers may remain loyal to your brand through years of service many will look for the biggest and best thing of the current climate and times, which of course will always be backed up by an easy-to-use app vs. having to be at home and use a web browser. Furthermore, if you can get an app out and have a leg-up on your competitors this will also help you to drive more traffic from their customers, as despite the fact that brand loyalty used to be a big thing modern-day consumers are looking for the best deal they can and the best service possible, and an app is certainly a medium which will catch a customers eye and cause them to change providers.

Another thing that you can associate an app with is the innate quality of a company and/or product. Although a company may be quite small vs. other competitors having an app or any sort of rich media/interactive software influence means that customers may be inclined to see your company as superior to others who may be in the market or sector, which obviously bodes well for yourself and allows you to divulge your target audience and bring in new customers effortlessly merely through word of mouth and recommendations of this app and the general quality of your company that is associated with an app. You automatically give your company credibility and notoriety from the simple purchase of a current piece of software, and so it is definitely worth considering or at least getting quoted for if you have a limited budget as if you can afford an app there is no reason to not pick one up.

If you are not yet assured of the fact that apps are a huge commercial entity and a massive influence on the market, be sure to check out and analyse the total amount of app downloads for both the apple store and Google Play store you would be pleasantly surprised, as both of which have now had well over 1 million apps created and endless figures of downloads, which for a market that only really became relevant a few years ago is seriously impressive and indicates a bright and prosperous future in app development for any company that has an app created for themselves. For this reason an app should be considered extremely necessary to ensure success.

The ease of use provided from an app is absolutely essential in recognising their success, as nobody is going to use an app that they could save time on through another method such as an internet search or a phone call. For this reason most apps only take a few clicks or finger points to be able to do what they need to do, and despite the fact that complexity is usually important it does not denote quality. Infact, the simpler apps are usually the ones that work the best (for instance the swipe system on Tinder doesn't require a lot of effort). Being able to do something instantly is what the customer wants, so be sure to come into the app development world with the intention of making the app very crisp and clean cut.

The best thing about getting an app with Discount Domains is that we use no sort of templates whatsoever. All of our work is bespoke and our prices are very reasonable for the services that we offer, and so you should definitely take advantage of our years of experience as web developers and designers as well as experts in app creation. We will look to accommodate your every need and fit your custom design as efficiently as possible without any outstanding issues. As long as you are satisfied with your app we are very happy to make it, and we look to accommodate every budget so that you can get as much as you give through payment: obviously the more you put in the higher quality or functionality you can get out of your app.

If you are interested in taking your business forward to a whole other level and want to have an app developed you can call our main line and ask to speak to one of our app development team who will be able to go into more depth about the costing and functionality of your brand new app. We are very friendly and ready to help with any and all enquiries, so don't be shy and call us on 01952 898701 today to get yourself a quick and easy quote. We anticipate your call in advance and look forward to hearing from you soon!

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