How can I learn about Search Marketing?

Search engine marketing can be confusing, on one hand you have Google telling you to stick to the rules and only grow your site by creating excellent content which naturally attracts links to it, and on the other you have the dozens if not hundreds of emails from services in the third world offering you 1,000's of links for a few dollars.

So how do I get started?

Well there are a number of great articles on this site which can get you started with Search Marketing and if you have any questions then you are free to call and speak to our Search Marketing department who can give you guidance or general advice. 

You might also check our blog which has loads of useful hints and tips in its Search Marketing section. See here Discount Domains Blog

There are also a number of web forums which pitched at varying levels of knowledge. Here are a couple that we can recommend.

High Rankings Forum

Jill Whalen is well known in the Search Engine world and runs her own (expensive Search Marketing service) she does have a useful forum which is a great place for the newbie to hang out and pick up tips

This forum can be found here:-

Webmaster World

This is an advanced forum for the expert Search Marketeer, and covers the most advanced aspects of search marketing, its very strict with its guidelines and you can't refer directly to a website or a product only by referring for example to "widgets"

This forum can be found here :-

What are the basics in a nutshell

That is simple - its about text and links, great well written text focussed, unique and about the topic / keyword you want to target and links from reputable website also about the same topic.

If you phrases is competitive then the split of importance is maybe 2% text and 98% links, if the phrase is more obscure or less competitive then its more like 20% text and 80 link building.

The important thing to consider is that it can take years to collect strong quality links sufficient to get ahead of your competitors.

Since Google tightened up on its quality criteria it is more important than ever to focus on quality and avoid the pile them high, sell them cheap services that are no doubt filling up your inbox

Can Discount Domains help?

Of course we have more than 10 years of search marketing experience and our own in-house team of experts and technicians. If you would like a quote reach out to our team today and we will be delighted to assist.

Adrian Lawrence is the author of this article and is one of the webmasters at Discount Domains

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