Using Google Adsense to make money

If you are looking for a way to monetise your website, then Google has one of the highest paying programs around which is called Google Adsense. It's easy to join and implement on your site, this article explains further.

Are you looking for ways to make additional money from your website?

If you have a website but need a way to make some additional money from it then Google Adsense might be the answer you have been looking for. Here are some great things about Adsense:-

ยท    Its free to join, and provided you have a reasonably decent site, its relatively easy to get accepted.

That all sounds great, but are there any downsides?

There are! The main issues is that if you run Adsense on your website, then you are exposing potential competitors to your visitors, if they like the Ads and click them they leave your website, and your prospective customer leaves your website and arrives at a competitors.

Here are some other points to consider:-

What does Google Adsense actually look like?

We run Adsense on a number of our sites, and have done since 2004, here is an example from our popular pregnancy and parenting community site:-

Notice how the ads blend in nicely with the text and that the ads mostly match the context of the article?

How much money can I expect to make?

This comes down to the amount of traffic you have and the amount of money advertisers are prepared to pay based on topic, so for example an advert for a mortgage or personal loan, would mostly likely cost far more than an advert for a domain name. The advertiser stands to make a lot more money themselves from selling a mortgage so supply and demand dictates a far high price.

It is possible to make £10,000's per month, but to do that you need millions of real visitors. If you only have a few hundred visitors per day, then you can only expect to earn a few £'s per month. But don't forget this is incremental income and without Adsense you didn't have it.

OK so I am earning money now, How can I improve on it?

Well if you need help and advice to increase your Google Adsense earnings, then contact us, we can assist with a bespoke strategy to help maximise your earnings. The sort of approaches that work:


Adsense is a great program, if you have content that is suitable to monetise and you are not concerned about competitors, then it is well worth trying. At Discount Domains we have almost 10 years of experience with Adsense and always happy to share tips and advice.

Adrian Lawrence is the author of this article and is one of the webmasters at Discount Domains.

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