How can I get more visitors to my website?

If you have a website already then you have made a great start, but can you also associate with the title of this article? Web sites can potentially handle millions of visitors and are much easier to scale up than a traditional business. But the issue is how to get those additional or incremental visitors to your site so you can convert them into customers? This site gives you an insight into the process and will hopefully give you some food for thought.

Where to get the traffic from?

The leading Search Engine is currently Google, they account for around 80% of web searches, so if you are serious about marketing then you need to include them in your promotion plan. Google has a paid advertising program called Google Adwords, using this you can bid for placement on their websites but also their network of partner sites, of which there are 100,000's. They also have the Search Engines which you are probably most familiar with.

Google Traffic Sources:-

Natural Organic Search Engine traffic - getting to the top of Organic Search is a long term project that will take a lot of time and effort, but the advantage of it once you are there is that it is free. The Search Engine Results otherwise known as SERPs are organised into relevance, which is a combination of the text on a page and the number and quality of links coming into a webpage. To get above your competitors in organic search your pages need to be more relevant to the topic and be supported by better links, think of links as votes and you'll pretty quickly get the idea.

The challenge is how to improve on the competitor's text, and links and be aware that someone who has been active with web site promotion may have collected 100,000's of links over many years.

Google Adwords - pay to click system that drives traffic to your site, but charges your credit card for every click

Google Adwords Partner network - pay to click system for Google's partner network. This is important because even if you already dominate the Search Results for your niche, getting traffic from 3rd party sites is incremental. We have many clients who run Pay per click for just this reason.

Social Media

This is a growing area, and may in the future come to challenge the Search Engines themselves. Facebook, twitter and sites such as Pinterest have their own large user base and are full of communities. Getting engaged with these types of sites can bring a lot of targeted visitors to your website.

It's not so easy to break into communities and there are a lot of services around which don't offer much beyond automated collection of facebook likes.

Web 2.0

There are a wide range of web 2.0 properties around which also have good traffic, our own site receives around several million visitors per year. We can also recommend which is similar to Article Alley. Both sites allow you to join for free and submit content, which provided its 100% unique can perform well due to the strength and reputation of each site.

Advertising networks

There are many quality advertising providers which offer different channels to promote your products. Some high quality companies we can recommend include:-

Contextual advertisers
Chitika - offer a range of context sensing advertising
Infolinks - offers intext links.
There are also a wide range of banner advertisers which can run promotional banners based on a cost per 1,000 impression basis.

Forums and blogs

If you can find forums that match your niche then these can be useful sources of traffic and focussed prospects. Industry related blogs can be similar benefit, and many offer advertising opportunities and sponsored posts.

Those are just a few ideas to look at. Discount Domains have our own in house team specialising in Search marketing, if you would like to talk with one of team, we would be delighted to put together a marketing proposal. Please call us on 01952 288383.

Adrian Lawrence is the author of this article and is one of webmasters at Discount Domains

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