Your Domain is Your Brand

Your Domain is Your Brand

Do you remember the 1970's back then no one had a computer, and if you had asked around, there would be little understanding of what value they could bring other than maybe in a finance or maths related. But now look at the World, almost everyone has not only a PC or a Mac but a tablet and a smart phone, which is basically a computer.

The internet is not so different

15 years ago the internet was just starting out, and Google had yet to come to prominence. But it not reached anything like maturity yet. More and more business and realising that there is a huge market available if only it can be captured.

For a few hundred pounds you can get a domain name, webhosting and a website, all professionally created and you'll then have your own online brand, a brand that works for you as a form of advertising 24 hours a day 365 days per year.

The longer you hold off on getting an online presence established the harder it will be to break into the market later. Also more and more domains are registered all the time, making it tougher and tougher to get the name that you would really want.

How can we help

Discount Domains has been a player in the UK internet market for more than 12 years, we are what is known as an ICANN accredited registrar which means we are a manufacturer of domain names and not an intermediary. We also build web sites in house with our own web design team, and market sites on line which is called Search Marketing. It's not as expensive as you might think and we have gotten great rankings for our own and many customers also.

Are domain names valuable?

They certainly can be, there are always stories in the press about how domains can fetch $millions or even $10's of millions, that is of course is unusual but on weekly or monthly basis we see our clients sell domain names for £1,500 or £2,000 and its getting more regular. So it is incorrect to think of a domain purchase as an expensive, its potentially a great investment.

Adrian Lawrence is a webmaster with Discount Domains Ltd a leading UK ICANN registrar which also offers web design and search marketing services.

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