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There is good money to be made from buying and selling domain names, the great part about it is that as domains are low cost, you don't a lot of money to start, just £10, ideally a bit more.

How it works

Domain names can only be registered for fixed time periods, UK domains used to be 2 years but has since increased to 10, whilst international ones have almost always a maximum of 10 years.

Domain expire for a number of reasons:-

During its lifetime it may have built up a reasonable online reputation in the form of traffic and backlinks - links are important as the more links a domain has, or more importantly the better the quality of links then the more potential it has to perform in the Search Engines.

So here is how you can make money

Watch for domains that are coming up to expiry, when the expire, buy them and then put them up for sale again. Its so easy to register and if the name is good you'll find a buyer.

The challenge of course is to how to select a domain that is of value, and that is were you need to learn what sells and for much. We sell domain names from just £9.99 for 2 years for a and £22.99 for a .com.


If the domain you acquire has traffic already then you may be able to monetise that by displaying advertising or offering a product which pays you a commission on sale, this is known as affiliates.

If you want some more advice on this area, call our main number on 01952 898701 and we'll be happy to share some more tips and hints to get you going.

Some of our customers are making £000's per month just doing this and have even given up their day jobs to do it full time.

For larger volume domain customer, typically with 100's or 1,000's of domains we offer a domain reseller programme.

Adrian Lawrence is a webmaster with Discount Domains, one of only a handful of official ICANN UK domain registrars.

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