.com vs .net

.com vs. .net 

The .com and .net domains are both extremely viable options for any business looking to expand and divulge into bigger markets and increase profits and by extension traffic through ones site. However, is there a clear winner in terms of superiority between a .com and .net, or are both just as efficient. They were originally suited to their own individual purposes, but nowadays they are both used depending on which domain the client prefers rather than what they were originally designed for.

When .com was first conceived it was designed for commercial businesses all over the world and was one of the biggest domain booms to ever hit the market. Since then there have not been any domains to be released to level the amount of registrations of the .com, and so it has been a great success and a worthwhile purchase for any customers looking to purchase a domain for their company. It is an extremely efficient marketing tool and will continue to be for many years to come. There are not going to be many domains able to match up to .com, and so you should definitely consider it as one of your top choices as a domain to register.

The other reason why .coms are so popular is because they are the more generic domain type that most people will instantly remember. More obscure domains such as .info's or .biz's are less definable to customers and a lot of consumers will automatically try the .co.uk or .com domains before attempting a different one, and so a .com is more proficient in allowing customers to find your website and avoid risks of them looking elsewhere.

The issue that many associate with .com domains is that the fact that they are more generic is also a downside. It is very hard to get a unique or desirable domain name these days since the .com market is so exhausted, which makes a lot of companies consider other options in terms of their domain type. This is why the newer GTLD's that have been coming out over the past few months are becoming more popular. For instance, the .london and .photograph domains are far more desirable to customers because they are new and interesting and more unique domains can be acquired. This is of great benefit to any customers who are looking to identify from other companies and have more relatable URL's such as cheaptaxis.london rather than something such as cheaptaxisincentrallondon.com, which is unlikely to be as popular with customers and is much harder to type into the address bar. Unique domains are much more desirable than domain types, and so for this reason .com is less viable nowadays vs. other options.

This is where the .net comes in and is considered a suitable alternative. .nets were originally designed for the purpose of accommodating websites to solely trade on the internet, and for a while this was closely regulated so that no companies also looking to trade on a personal level could use these sites merely for advertising. The .net was far less popular in terms of number of registrations when compared to .com, but is by no means an inferior choice for a company. This domain can be used to identify the fact that all exploits are merely online, which allows customers to look specifically for online shopping solutions rather than doing "homework” to go into a branch and purchase a product that they have seen on a website. It allows the right customers to get to the appropriate site for their personal needs, and therefore gives .net owners a more focused customer base.

The .net domain, although still relatively generic is also more unique than the .com like other domain types that were previously mentioned. A .net domain can bring your business to new heights with the ability to stand out from the competition and target the right customers, and for this reason a .net can be considered superior to a .com.

However, as with the .com counterpart .net domains also have their flaws. The regulations behind registering .net domains have become much more relaxed and in some cases non-existent, and so the identity of a .net domain is slightly lacklustre in comparison to what it used to stand for. Although this is not overly-relevant nowadays with so many different domain types out anyway, at the time that the regulations started to disappear it was a disaster for anyone who had a .net and wanted to bring in online customers only, as other companies who weren't as diligent would make them effectively an inferior version of the .com.

To conclude, both domain types are still extremely desirable in the domain marketplace and have their own flaws and strengths, and therefore will be relevant and useful to certain customers or businesses. If you are looking for a domain that is a more recognised domain type and therefore may bring in an increased amount of traffic to your site, a .com is right for you. However, if you want focused customers to make a decision quickly and purchase your products online the second that they find what they are looking for the .net domain is a much more viable option. Discount Domains can provide you with both of these domain types and many more TLD's which are being released every week, so be sure to visit our domain availability page here to see if we can find your perfect domain. Alternatively, call our sales team on 01952 898701 and a friendly customer services representative will be more than happy to take your call and assist you in choosing the appropriate course of action for you and your business. We anticipate your call and look forward to hearing from you soon.


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