Have you looked at Business VOIP recently?

When people think of VOIP they often think of SKYPE the excellent free voip service. Business VOIP or Voice over Internet Protocol uses the same technology but with its far better quality.

What are the differences?

There are two important differences. Firstly the number of users sharing a channel is far lower which means that there is far less load or contention on each channel. Secondly typical business VOIP hardware is far more robust than the plug in handset you see with PC based solution. The result is a solution that is hard to notice the difference over conventional telephony.

What are the advantages of Business VOIP?

Any disadvantages?

We the advent of superfast broadband and fibre broadband we think the time of VOIP has really come. If you are reviewing your telephony system then give Discount Domains a call, we now offer a VOIP solution that has all the above great benefits. We also sell the hardware and configure everything for you, so it's basically just a matter of ordering hardware and you are good to go.

Local or National numbers

We can offer local numbers 0203 etc or national numbers such as 0845 please call our office and ask for more information.

Discount Domains VOIP

To learn more about our Business VOIP solutions please call our main number on 01952 898701 and ask for the telephony or VOIP team.

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