How to get more traffic to your website.

If you are new to the world of the Search Engines, then this article is for you. This article gives you some hints tips and general advice about how to get more traffic to your website especially from Google who are currently the leading Search Engine.

How it works

Google organises pages by relevance, which is a combination of the text on the page and the number and quality of links into that pages from other pages on the internet and what phrase is used within the link (known as its anchor text) Some phrases will be obscure and others competitive. Some pages can have a handful of links, others can have millions. If you are trying to compete with a page that is both well written and has a huge number of links then you are going to find it very hard work indeed to get anywhere.


Choosing a keyword that is appropriate and realistic to compete under is the first step, we recommend using the Google Keyword tool which can be found from within their Google Adwords product. This shows the number of searches per month for each phrase you select. This will therefore give you a good idea of how much value there will be to getting to the top of the search engine results for that phrase.

Ideally you need to find a niche for your pages, one where the competition is reasonable but the phrase is still valuable for your needs.

Good text

The search engines have become progressively better at spotting quality text, they have a huge database now of web pages to compare your page to. The sort of factors that they now use to evaluate text:-

Once you have chosen the keyphrase or phrases you want your page to target, you now need to write the best possible content for that page. If the Search Engines give it a higher score than your competitors then you have a chance at appearing above them all others factors being equal.


You now need to find good quality links from related pages and point them at your new page. This is a long term approach and the search engines measure things like:-

This factor is the biggest one, and can require 99% of the effort involved in getting the results you are looking for.

Other page factors

These are less important that the other points listed, but nevertheless still useful to get right if you can:-

Social factors

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and increasingly Google's own +1 product, these are all indicators that your page is being discussed on social sites. The more discussion the better.

An increasing percentage of your marketing strategy should be put towards a social marketing strategy.

Keeping up with the Algorithms

Keeping an eye on forums that discuss the latest developments in the Search Engine world is a good idea. Don't get drawn too deep into this area though. The basics of getting traffic are simple:-

It works! If you are not seeing the amount of traffic you need, then either you do not have sufficient quality or quantity within your websites content, or you are just suffering from a lack of sufficient and quality inward links.

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