Niche Marketing

Finding your own niche can be the secret to your online success.


The internet is a very competitive place in some ways the most competitive and dynamic market place man kind has devised, barriers to entry are low and almost everyone if the world can compete for a global market.


Given the enormous amounts of website and pages now in existence and the fact the huge amounts of new content get added to the internet every day its more important that ever to realise that you are unlikely to be able to break into any given market unless you have large resources in the form of marketing knowledge and money.

Website traffic is dominated by Google, which has a near monopoly in many regions. It uses content sorted into link popularity order (basically the number but also quality weighted of sites and web pages linking in).

Finding a niche for you is potentially the answer.

Here are some things to consider:-

In general the more money in a market niche the stronger the competition, but there are always anomalies, segments with less competition that the money in that area would normally warrant.

Identifying these segments isn't easy but they are there and can be found.

When trying to find them:-


Finding a niche is not easy but it can be very successful if you can get it right, there will be a sector perfect for everyone, but the challenge is how to find it.

Adrian Lawrence is a webmaster with Discount Domains a leading UK internet services company.

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