Should I pay use Google Adwords or Pay for Search Marketing?


Google generates its income from a paid advertising program called Google Adwords, it's a great way to get instant results and to ensure you get the prominence you want. Search Marketing is the terminology used for online marketing with the intention of ending up at the top of the natural search results, i.e. the results other than the paid ones.

SEO vs. Pay per click

Well first off it's a mistake to think of one or the other our most successful clients do both, the difference is that they change the mix to adapt to the rankings they are getting. So let's say a client launches a new product they can get instant results using Pay Per Click services such as Google then in the background slowly build up their natural Search Results when the new product becomes prominent for example appearing on page #1 they can switch their spend to other products they want to push.

Pay per click is expensive

It is true that PPC is expensive but if it covers the cost through sales then the income is incremental and your site is unlikely to be impacted by changes that Google makes because you are paying for position. The problem comes when that cost becomes too great.

Search marketing can be great but there will be times when Google makes changes that are unhelpful and you lose your rankings even if this is only short term it can be painful in terms of lost income.

Pay per click is not just the Search Engines

Most PPC services have a network of sites so your ads will appear not just on Google but on a range of partner sites, this gives you a different source of traffic that you would not be able to access other than by advertising directly. As their network is large and the system is automated it makes good sense to use PPC just for this reason. Using Google Adwords you can target their partner network only.

Search Marketing

If done correctly Search Marketing can be the best investment as the results cumulate up to give on going benefits and income. So many services fall foul of Google as they are getting better and better at targetting sites that use SEO services if they resort to anything Google sees as "cheating the system".

Separate Channels

Try to see different approaches to online marketing as separate sales channels, as if you had separate field salesmen. Sometimes some will perform better than others, some are more expensive but more reliable. The best results are obtained when you manage all these to your best advantage.


Using a combination of marketing methods means that you are diversifying your sales sources and are not over dependant on single channels such as Google Pay Per Click or Google Organic.

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