Discount Domains customers all around the World!

I was looking through the sales from last month this morning and was amazed to find that we have sales and customer in an amazing number of countries, here is a map we used for the sales team briefing.


The darker the colour the more the sales – of course the UK is our biggest market by a long way, but we’ve done sales in Ukraine and Russia (!) USA and Canada, Australia and New Zealand. There are a good number of sales in almost all of the countries in the EU plus a few in Africa and from South America (That is unusual for us). ┬áNothing from iceland or Greenland though, but they are small population wise.

I have included our reseller sales network the majority of which are out of the EU but all the same we are pretty impressed with ourselves.

If you are one of those reading this blog, then a big thanks and its nice to see Discount Domains is known and used all around the World.