Monthly Archives: September 2014

Need help with a Google Penalty? – we are experts ask us today.

Google has caused no end of problems for webmaster and website owners with its Panda (content) and Penguin (link) filters.  These aim to reduce the prominence of sites that have duplicate content or have too many low quality links pointing to them.  The problem being that the result can be severe problems for a business […]

Ezinearticles – Oh how the mighty have fallen

Ezinearticles was once the search marketeers dream, high quality, high traffic, great exposure for your website and work.  But things have gone sour it seems. Notice how our articles were getting as many as 10K page views per day back in 2009 and now we are doing well to get 30 view per day.  That […]

Nortel 1120E UP Telephone

Did you know that we also sell telephones?  Check out the VOIP section from our website, we have been offering Business VOIP solutions for more than a year now, a growing number of our clients in the UK and overseas are waking up to the benefits of this sort of phone system   Our main […]

Reading Level of your pages and Google

Did you know that Google now is able to estimate the reading level of a page, it does this using a number of well established formulae that were developed in the 19th and 20th Century by mathematicians studying language usage, these count up the number of words and then look at the ratio of verbs […]

Discount Domains customers all around the World!

I was looking through the sales from last month this morning and was amazed to find that we have sales and customer in an amazing number of countries, here is a map we used for the sales team briefing. The darker the colour the more the sales – of course the UK is our biggest […]