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Youtube and the Advantages of its Promotional Features

For every business, big or small, marketing is an important aspect. Marketing should be done in all possible ways, taking advantages of all the multiple channels that are available. The main aim of marketing your business should include the optimization of the appearance of your website in the results page of various available search engines […]

Using LinkResearchtools for Better Search Results

A growing number of SEO teams use link analysis tool to improve search result of their webpage. These tools offer a host of features that enable search engine optimization specialists to determine quality and toxic links easily. Here, find out more about link research tools, its unique features and benefits. About Link Research Tool As […]

Website speed and getting better results with Google.

Website speed and getting better results on Google.  Did you know that Google now favours faster sites?  It makes sense as slow to respond pages increase the bounce rate and its said that ever second improvement in speed can lead to a good % increase in visitors or sales.  So clearly getting your site to […]

Google Penguin not updated yet.

For many months it has been a mystery to a lot of domain owners as to why they haven’t seen any improvement in their search results or SEO efforts in general after having cleaned up toxic links or duplicate content that had been giving them problems with the Penguin algorithm beforehand. Google’s Matt Cutts announced […]

10 Myths uncovered about blogging

There are several little myths and intricacies that people believe about blogging that do not always turn out to be true. There are a lot of aspiring bloggers out there and a lot of them will be thinking that success, fame and a future in blogging are just around the corner. However, this is not […]

Using the disavow tool

We have been studying carefully the forums and results from the various link analysis tools that we use and other information available around the web.  Our conclusion is based on this analysis and also informed by discussions with other SEO professionals is as follows:- Google has a process for crawling, it crawls, caches then analyses […]

Is there or isn’t there a Penguin update?

Google has been preparing the ground this week for the next Penguin update, its a little unclear exactly when it will arrive, at one stage it was expected “Any day now” but now this has become before the end of the year.  We’ve been working hard at clearing out weak and toxic links to our […]

Need help with a Google Penalty? – we are experts ask us today.

Google has caused no end of problems for webmaster and website owners with its Panda (content) and Penguin (link) filters.  These aim to reduce the prominence of sites that have duplicate content or have too many low quality links pointing to them.  The problem being that the result can be severe problems for a business […]

Ezinearticles – Oh how the mighty have fallen

Ezinearticles was once the search marketeers dream, high quality, high traffic, great exposure for your website and work.  But things have gone sour it seems. Notice how our articles were getting as many as 10K page views per day back in 2009 and now we are doing well to get 30 view per day.  That […]