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WordPress is a leading CMS or content management system, which is available completely free of cost as it is an open source software, with MySQL database. While it is quite popular for blogging, one can accomplish much more with the functionalities and plugins WordPress offers. With this CMS customizing and controlling the theme of a website through its front-end becomes a fairly simple task.

Leader in CMS

From its launch in August, 2011, WordPress has taken the world by storm, as millions of websites all over the world use this CMS to function effectively. One of the main reasons for its ever increasing usage and popularity is the fact that it is easy to use. Web developers, web designers and all other users claim WordPress is the best and most convenient way of customizing one’s website design and functionalities, while keeping it protected from hackers and other threats.

Moreover, it is not just the number of websites using this CMS, but the number of websites, which have achieved top ranking owing to this platform. The number is ever increasing and with each year more and more websites are using WordPress, to boost their business. Also, owing to its features and plugins users love it, and there are negligible negative reviews for this CMS.The features which make it the leader of CMSs are its flexibility, adaptability, and thousands of plug-ins, increasing its functionality manifold. Even if a user is unable to find a feature which meets their requirements, using plugins enables enhanced functionality.

Easy to use

domains-and-web-hostingWhen managing a website, most individuals shy away from it as they lack the technical know-how, however, with WordPress one need not be have a thorough technical background. Users with basic computer skills can efficiently handle this CMS, without facing any trouble. If one has edited a Microsoft Word Document, he/she has sufficient skills for handling this CMS and reaping benefits from it. Updating content, pages or posts on one’s website or blog using WordPress is an exceptionally easy task and one need not have the skills possessed by website designers and developers.

WordPress is basically an administrative interface for efficiently managing the back-end details. It is fairly simple to navigate, thus increasing its effectiveness and increasing performance of users. Its interface is well organized in a logical manner, making it easy for one to find the required plug-in or tools. All functionalities are divided according into sections, making it easy to locate associated functions. Moreover, as it is open source software it is available for free and all its customizable features are supported by the massive community of WordPress developers and users.

Advantages of WordPress plugins

In order to realize the true potential of WordPress Plugins, they have been classified into five categories as listed below:

  • Live chat –When using WordPress for an ecommerce platform or for selling services and products offered by a business, it offers a great advantage in the form of this plugin. With this plugin customers are able to directly establish contact and chat to resolve their issues immediately. As customers appreciate it when their issues are resolved quickly and they have a real person interacting with them, the relationship between a customer and business takes a positive turn and grows.
  • Form creation –Creating forms for booking or emails, is now exceptionally simple as WordPress offers numerous plugins, along with advanced widgets. With these plugins, one need not have any knowledge of the technical details, but can effectively create forms for email and booking. Small scale businesses can now provide their information to customers without dealing with deep technical details.
  • Sharing on social media platforms –Readers enjoy sharing content they find interesting through their social media profiles. Now, with WordPress, installing plugins for social media share buttons has become very convenient. These buttons are now a necessity as the purpose of posting content on blogs and websites is to advertise products by sharing the content. As social media plays a central role in an online marketing strategy for expansion of customer base, these buttons have to be fully functional and easily accessible. With WordPress, one can share a post to various social media platforms, with easy to add plugins and widgets.
  • WordPress Security –Now, WordPress not only makes one’s website chic and user-friendly but also increases its security. WordPress provides a unique and highly advanced security plugin, known as Security Ninja. This plugin not only secures the website/blog, but also information of customers associated with the website. This enhances a user’s online experience as they need not worry about security of their business or customers. Since, this plugin is available only with WordPress it proves to be the best CMS available.
  • Tools for SEO –WordPress is undoubtedly the only CMS with a wide array of plugins for Search Engine Optimization. The plugins when combined in different ways make a highly comprehensive and effective tool, through which a user can obtain numerous benefits. SEO is one of the most important aspects which require focus since; it effectively increases traffic as well as SERPs. Therefore, by adding these plugins one effectively increases the revenue earned through their online platform.

Through these plugins numerous useful features including Google Analytics, Woocommerce and Zemanta can be utilized without any hassle.

Easy editing

The process of adding images and videos through WordPress is very easy and so is the task of editing. Images and videos play a very important role in increasing traffic to a post, since images are considered equal to a thousand words and a video can be considered a series of images. Therefore, being able to add them easily to a post is quite necessary, since without images or videos posts would look simply bland. One can either add the images into their WordPress media library or simply add it to the post when required from their computer. With the toolbar and numerous options, adding and editing videos and images becomes a convenient task, without one having to fret over the details of how to do what. Moreover, if one is unable to understand what a particular tool does, they can easily obtain a tutorial of how to add images and videos to WordPress online and find the function of each tab.

Ideal for blogging, personal and professional use

New users of WordPress often wonder how this CMS can transform their website/blog to something spectacular, without having to invest in it. However, they fail to realize that one needs to invest their time and creativity into generating posts worth sharing even though one need not pay anything to download, use or update this software. Most beginners often consider it just as a blogging platform however, with time they realize that it has advanced and turned into a versatile system, which could be used for both mobile applications and websites/ecommerce platforms. Moreover, it is a flexible system, thus enabling one to use it for almost any task.

Updating WordPress

Regularly updating WordPress is a necessity and is not a difficult task since; one does not have to pay anything extra for updating software. It is necessary because with updates one can regularly increase security of their website, fix bugs, and also add functionality and other features. It is software therefore there are chances that there might be some vulnerabilities, however, by updating regularly, one can patch these soft spots, thus ensuring that the system is strong enough to endure attacks .Moreover, it also reduces the chances of a website being hacked, as it is open source and the code readily available to hackers. When hackers learn of vulnerabilities in this system, they start attacking, thus by updating, one efficiently protect their business.

How WordPress assists with SEO?

seo-toolSEO is basically a system, through which websites are made easier for both potential users of a website, and the robots employed by search engines. When a website is used the objective of the business is to increase its traffic, thus increasing the number of individuals approaching their business, eventually resulting in boosting their growth. However, search engines need to know about a website’s existence and assign it a rank, to allow the increase in visitors. Thus, it is quite important that when WordPress is employed it makes implementation of SEO easier.


Speed has always been an important factor for increasing traffic, as a website which fails to load quickly is not considered efficient by a potential customer. When a user approaches a website, he/she waits for only a few seconds to decide whether the website is worth approaching for the information or service required. Thus, the speed of WordPress hosting needs to be quick, and the website efficient and not too heavy. With WordPress, the website code is not too bulky; therefore, search engine robots are able to determine the time taken to load the page. When the page is not bulky and speed of WordPress hosting is fairly high, a website’s rank improves significantly. Once, results on Google improve and traffic increases, it becomes fairly easy for one to maintain the rank and increase it gradually.

Suitable IP address

When running a business it is quite obvious that most strategies are created keeping in mind the target market. In order to make a website suitable for its target market local or national hosting is used as search engines are able to track the location of the host. When a search engine senses that a host is not from the same country, it becomes a hassle since, rank of the website drops. Thus, to prevent this from happening one must choose a local hosting service. Even though it might not increase the ranking of a website, but it surely does not impact it negatively. Most hosting services allow one to choose the location of the service, so one must ensure it before signing a deal with their hosting service.

Advantages of Using WordPress Hosting by DiscountDomains

discount-domainsWhen purchasing a domain several factors are taken into account, price of the domain being one of them. Since, discounts are always a welcome offer, when provided by a reputed organization there are numerous advantages of availing a discount when purchasing a domain. Not only does one save a certain sum of money, which can be invested elsewhere, one also gets the best service from a top notch domain service provider. Some of the other benefits of using Discount Domains are:

WordPress 1 click install

When availing the services offered by Discount Domains, one automatically gets a chance for 1 click installation of WordPress. With a 1 click install, all one needs to do after clicking the download button is filling up a short form, with some important details. Moreover, one also gets a pack of plugins, and also automatic updating services, along with some other benefits. This makes it easier to customize as important plugins are already offered. Therefore, availing services of Discount Domains is fairly beneficial for users of WordPress. Moreover, WordPress enhances their website and eventually business leading to great profits in future.

Fast WordPress Hosting

Faster WordPress hosting is a necessity especially in an industry where there are numerous other businesses at neck to neck competition. In order to beat competitors faster hosting is one of the best strategies, as customers are convinced of quality of services offered also based on the speed of the website. Users often choose a website which works faster, over a website which loads slowly thus, even a delay of few seconds might change the mind of a customer. Thus, by choosing Discount Domains one gets a chance to take advantage of a faster hosting service, which adds to the presence of WordPress, thus increasing traffic significantly.

Choice of Datacenter available

rp_worldmap.jpgA website is popular only when it is able to offer information to its users quickly. Thus, the extraction of data from databases must be a quick process. The process can be quickened when the data-center is local or within the country at least. When the data-center is far away, not only does cost increase but accessing data take time, which might result in losing some customers. Thus, Discount Domains offers the choice to customer to choose the location of the data-center according to their convenience when you purchasing WP hosting for your site.