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Have You Thought About an App?

With over 7 billion of total world’s population, 5 billion own mobile devices and this is the mere fact why 52% people prefer to view digital content on mobile rather than desktops. If the trends remain the way they are then this number will increase to a dramatic extent in the upcoming years. So, to […]

A Complete Guide to Snapchat for Beginners

What is Snapchat? If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few years you will probably know what Snapchat is. Whether it is through your mates talking about it, seeing the posts on social media or just general word of mouth Snapchat is one of the most popular apps in both the […]

5 things that you should always look for in an app developer

There have been several website designers and developers out there for years, and for this reason it really isn’t too hard to find a decent web designer or to even attempt it yourself and get some decent results. More and more web design companies and sole traders have been cropping up all over the place […]

Shrewsbury web and app developers

A number of our team are from Shrewsbury and drive to Telford each day, so its not unreasonable to claim that we are a shrewsbury orientated web design and app development service.   Our team is currently 2 in house guys and 4 outsourced workers.  We keep everyone busy which is great. The intention is to […]

West Midlands App Developers

Although you would have thought that being an internet based company would mean that we get work from all over the world surprisingly a lot of customers still prefer to deal with local companies, I guess its down to being able to come over to our office and sit down with the team and work […]